Emails are one of, if not the most fundamental communication channel for most businesses. But in industries like manufacturing, retail, and eCommerce in general, email communication is also challenging as they must manage hundreds and thousands of emails for every order. So companies using SAP Business One and facing similar issues with extensive email and document management, the SAP and Gmail integration by APPSeCONNECT offers the perfect solution.

Read on to learn how the integration between Gmail and SAP Business One can automate your business emails in a way that goes way beyond simple email schedulers and basic workflows!

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SAP and Gmail Integration with APPSeCONNECT – Overview

The SAP Business One and Gmail integration offered by APPSeCONNECT enables the automatic sending of emails based on specific actions, updates, or triggers in SAP Business One. For instance, businesses can set up the integration to send emails each time a purchase order is created, or an invoice is generated in their SAP Business One ERP. The integration is highly flexible and customizable, allowing businesses to define which actions and processes should trigger an email.


This integration has been developed as per the request and requirement from one of our existing clients, and we have further enhanced the integration to be applicable for other businesses in a wide range of use cases.

Features and Capabilities of Our SAP Business One and Gmail Integration

Here are some top features of our seamless integration that can help businesses to streamline and automate email communication:

Order Collection Email

When a user will create an order SAP Business One, our integration extracts important data containing all order details such as order number, customer details, line-item specifics, and payment details. Then the PDF document containing these details will be included in the email and automatically sent to the customer.


Order Confirmation Email

When the placed orders are confirmed in SAP Business One, the integration will trigger an order confirmation email to be sent from Gmail. This ensures that all clients and customers receive instant notification upon confirmation of their orders containing essential data such as items ordered, expected delivery date and time, shipping and billing address, etc.

SAP Invoice to Email Sync

After an order is confirmed, when the invoice is generated in your ERP system, our integration will create and send an email to the client with the invoice and payment details attached. This eliminates the need to manually send invoices through email and ensures your customers never miss out on order payments.


Email Sync from Delivery Warehouse

The integration also enables auto-sending emails to respective warehouses when inventory changes and data updates are made in the ERP system. This simple communication is crucial for keeping the inventory replenished at all times and to avoid disruption of service due to items going out of stock.

Want to see our integration live in action? Click below watch the recap of our recent webinar where we presented a live demonstration of our SAP and Gmail integration.


Benefits of Email Automation with SAP and Gmail Integration

Here are the key benefits of integrating your ERP system with Gmail:

  1. Save time, effort, and money

All three are extremely valuable resources for businesses and our integration helps you make big savings on all three fronts. By automating important emails, your employees save hours of time that would otherwise go into email management. They don’t need to dive into the Gmail inbox and can better invest their effort into core operations.

At the same time, a real-time, automated email communication channel will highly improve data accuracy and ensure that you never lose out on deals due to lack of communication or inventory shortage. That saves you significant money in the long run.

  1. Highly flexible and customizable

One of the biggest highlights of this integration is that it can be customized to fit your unique business needs. It can be configured to automate emails for purchase cycles, sales orders, service calls, notifications, and much more. The integration can be designed as required by the user, so you enjoy the convenience of a highly flexible system that runs your email channel on autopilot.

  1. Lack of Native Gmail Integrations from SAP

SAP Business One supports built-in Outlook integration but not with Gmail. This becomes a major disadvantage for Google workspace users, and when they look for other ways to integrate their email and ERP system, our integration comes to the rescue. Not only do we offer Google workspace users a convenient way to integrate with SAP Business One, but we help them achieve even more efficiency by customizing the integration to their business needs.

Automate Your Business Communication with SAP and Gmail Integration

Emails may be critical for your operations, but they should not slow you down. The solution is simple – integrating SAP Business One and Gmail will free you up from all manual effort that would go into managing emails. You can focus on your core operations such as inventory and finances, while our integration runs behind the scenes to make sure that all purchases, sales, stock updates, quotes and invoices are being communicated to appropriate parties.

It’s time to make your business run smoother than ever. Sync your ERP and email system through our low-code, intelligent, integration platform and turn your operations into a smooth-oiled machine without manual intervention. Achieve true business process automation with APPSeCONNECT today!