The annual SAP Developer event, SAP TechEd 2021 was a successful initiative driven by the SAP developers, architects and enthusiasts to bring forward revolutionary innovations to the ERP giant’s platforms. The online event, scheduled from the 16th of November to the 18th of November, featured more than 100 mind-blowing sessions which included keynotes, strategic decision-making counsels, roadmaps, lectures, etc. The event aimed at diving deeper into the latest technologies and upcoming updates of SAP with direct insights from SAP experts and peers – SAP TechEd unveiled a new set of products and services for its users to offer more power to their hands. Let’s see what happened at SAP TechEd 2021!

SAP TechEd 2021 – Recap and Major Highlights

SAP TechEd 2021 brought forward a number of new services to the already robust SAP suite of applications. The event spanned 8 featured tracks, comprising more than 100 sessions in total, including tracks like Analytics, Application Development and Integration, Database and Data Management, Digital Transformation with Intelligent ERP, Integrated Intelligent Suite, Intelligent Suite Solutions and Processes, Intelligent Technologies and Partner Innovation with SAP.

If you want to check out all the sessions and tracks in details, click here.


SAP Low code / No code Offering

The event started off with Mr. Juergen Mueller, CTO, SAP SE giving in the executive keynote speech and inviting all the keynote developers to present their take. In his keynote, Mueller talked about the importance of low/no-code in SAP and launched their own unified low-code offering. He also invited others on stage to showcase a demo of their offering.

You can watch the low code / no code offering demo here:

SAP Process Automation

In the keynote, Mueller also unveiled the launch of the new SAP Process Automation. With this launch, SAP’s new solutions now provide end-to-end automation capabilities that help businesses leverage advanced BPM workflow management along with RPA functionalities within a unified and simple drag-and-drop interface. As Mueller said, “SAP Process Automation is making citizen developers fully productive to adapt, improve, and innovate on their company’s business processes.”

Here is the SAP Process Automation demo:

SAP TechEd 2021 was over in a jiffy but it brought forward amazing SAP innovations in these 2 days. Users will now take advantage of the new offerings provided to them and flourish in their verticals. As for SAP, we can hope to see many more such groundbreaking ideas pave their way to delivering successful and unparalleled solutions.

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