A Business-to-Business (B2B) scenario refers to the kind of business where a particular business organization makes a commercial transaction with another business organization. B2B is, at the moment, one of the most frequently practiced and prosperously growing sectors in the industry. In the future too, it is evident that B2B business will shape the entire market structure since its scalability is not like the traditional B2C business. It is important to choose the right B2B platform since it will help the concerned user by creating more opportunities for them, increasing their sales, and lowering their cost. An appropriate B2B platform will not only let a user converge and automate a lot of processes for their business but also it will provide them with data-filled analysis which would be helpful for their marketing and sales operations in case a user is working with e-commerce and ERPs. Check out these Top B2B Marketing Trends in 2017!

We recently had a Webinar on “Scale your B2B Business without any Restriction”. The Webinar took place on 16th August 2017. The key points covered in the webinar were:

  • The general idea of the B2B eCommerce and how is different from conventional B2C business.
  • Key Factors while choosing the right B2B eCommerce Platform.
  • Advantages of SaaS-based B2B Platform.
  • 7 B2B selling experiences that a user can unlock with Shopping Cart Elite.
  • B2B Sales Cycle through Shopping Cart Elite (Live Demonstration).

Igor Soshkin, the CEO for Shopping Cart Elite was a contributor and a co-presenter for this webinar. We also had Jason, the Senior Sales Associate from Shopping Cart Elite who presented the Webinar.Integrated-B2B-eCommerce-store-InSync

We would like to thank all the attendees of this amazing Webinar. In case, you have missed the Webinar, you can check out this Webinar Recap Video which we have recorded for you:

Webinar Recap: Scale your B2B Business without any Restriction

B2B at the moment is one of the most frequently practiced and prosperously growing sector in the industry. Here is how you can use Shopping Cart Elite to scale your business!

Here are few of the Question and Answers that were addressed during the Webinar:

1. How do you compare Shopping Cart Elite with Magento?

Ans– As we continue to dive deep into the advanced features like storing credit cards in a vault, analytic search, CRM system, in-and-out marketing, google shopping, Helpdesk, live chat, etc. we get to know that all these features are present in Shopping Cart Elite. You can still get them in Magento, but you will have to pay an extra amount of money for having that feature through a third-party app or plugin. You would also need to make sure if that plugin is correctly incorporated or not. Adding more and more plugins will eventually make your system slow – hence, from the functionality side, Shopping Cart Elite is much more convenient since it already has the functionalities present to it. Also, if we consider all the apps we need to go with, Shopping Cart Elite is much less expensive due to their selected apps that will be provided together using the User Pricing Flat Rates for the whole suite.

2. What is Price Override Feature within Shopping Cart Elite?

Ans–  There are a number of price overrides within Shopping Cart Elite; I (Igor) am assuming you are talking about the wholesale price override. There are wholesale levels under customers and there can be unlimited such levels; now if you have a small business level and it is assigned to all your customers then it is good and everything can be accessed from one place; but say, if you have one customer in particular and he has asked you for a discount and you want to make an exception for that particular customer, you can use the override feature to override him out of the generic level and alternatively start maintaining the customer discounts just in case one or a few of them is an exception.

3. Is there any built-in CRM System?

Ans–  We have a fully built CRM System which we use for our own Sales, Customer Service and Project Management. The CRM System is equivalent to Salesforce mixed with Marketo for sales automation – this makes a CRM system which is tied to a customer + sales ticket which is again tied to an email marketing order responder. The CRM is at the centre and it branches out into Orders, Tickets (customer/sales ticket), Emails. So yes, we do have a built-in CRM System.

4. What you said about reorganizing processes, can you please explain it?

Ans– When our customers come to us, one thing we ask them to do is that we propose them to list down five of their problems for which they might need help from us. Now, some of those problems cannot be solved by just a software; they need a complete process overhaul. So first, we dive to understand why they need this process reorganization – in other words, if you want us to help you in a certain way, we first learn how you do your processes and we do it by going in the Shopping Cart Elite footer section at Customer Process Discovery. We can help both on the process side as well as the consulting side.

5. Can we do in-house customization in Shopping Cart Elite?

Ans– We have a process for doing customization. But it actually depends on the kind of feature you want to have. If something makes sense for modifying the core of Shopping Cart Elite, we can give you the access; we can choose to offset it or not depending on the feature). If you are looking for something that can be achieved through our API, it can be done in-house and it can also be done by us. However, such requests are pretty uncommon since we already have those feature features under the box.

6. What is the Pricing?

Ans– Our pricing is a flat rate price for wholesalers with all the features included and is based on how many users you have. The first user starts at $189 and then with additional user get in, the price comes all the way down to almost $59 per month.