ShipStation and SAP Business One Service Layer - Shipping software and ERP integration

ShipStation and SAP Business One Service Layer

Shipping software and ERP integration

With ShipStation and SAP Business One Service Layer Integration, Enable End-to-End Process Automation Between Shipping Software and ERP Application

The ShipStation and SAP Business One Service Layer integration package will let you integrate the applications with the help of pre-configured and time-tested workflows (ProcessFlows), significantly reducing your time and effort in configuring and designing the integration.

Our integration packages are like blueprints that provide pre-defined entities and field mappings to enable seamless exchange of data between the source and destination applications. Just Install, Deploy and Execute the packages to automate business processes efficiently and amplify your growth.

Workflows You Can Automate

Integrate and sync Sales Orders from SAP Business One to ShipStation with all essential details like:

  • Customer Number
  • Order ID
  • Sales Line Details
  • Address Details
  • Document Total
  • Tax Amount
  • Shipping Amount
Sync and update delivery document with the tracking number from Shipstation to SAP Business One Service Layer

Package Key Features

  1. Easy Package Sharing & Installation: Two step Package Sharing, and One Click Installation lets you share and unzip your packages with ease and reduces time and effort, encouraging Citizen Integration. Know more on Processflow Packaging.

  2. Automated Business Cycle Integration: Lets you just plug and play every cycle of your business process automatically with the applications SAP Business One Service Layer & ShipStation.

  3. Pre-Implemented Mappings: The process flows in this package are pre-implemented with all the mappings required for integrating your ProcessFlow minimizing the manual efforts. However, you are always welcome in altering the mappings as per your business process.

Apps Included




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