Top 3 Reasons – Why to have a Web based CRM on SAP Business One

Sales campaign are special short term designed strategies to trigger the sales conversion. This concept is used for converting potential leads into the customer by using one or more channels. In practical business ambiance, companies should not solely depend on sales campaign to promote customer traffic, but from the marketing perspective, sales campaign promotes the product as well as reinforce visibility and drive sales. Design your sales campaign in such a way where you can explain your products unique selling point, highlight the features and prepare a comparison report on other competitor products. Check your sales force is ready to shoot every query and lastly, to engage your target consumers according to their requirement, this will definitely help you to achieve a fruitful result.

Here are few golden rules to follow for successful sales campaign:

  • Considering the diversified customer list, it is very important to target your customers and define your product, according to their geography and environment. Understanding the perspective for your consumer is very important for you to increase traffic in your sales. Once you have settled with this, you can plan your campaign location wise and select your targeted consumers and showcase the product of their interest and utility.
  • The right thing always happens with the right time. Your efforts will not be fruitful unless you pre-plan your sales campaign within the right time. The best way to plan your campaign is before any ‘special days’, events or maybe flash sales, it becomes easier to hook your customers with your product. Any consumer do have the urge of shopping during any occasions, there again occasion takes place geographically. Any kind of campaigns can definitely boost your sales.
  • Choosing the right channel is quite essential this will not only maximize your sales but also generate a good response. Nowadays we have many channels to advertise our product like social media or traditional media, website’s sticky bars or pop-ups, email marketing or pamphlet. Consistency is the key to communicating reliability and credibility, this in reality will create an impact over the people how they see your brand in the long run.
  • Do study your previous campaign result and check your customer’s feedback, work on them before your start to design your new sales campaign.

An exquisitely designed campaign strategy and fine-tuned sale message are studied to be the best sales campaign. A good way of campaigning is to highlight the products prospects, value and features. As your sales are expected to be on the higher side, you can use a connector, which will connect your ERP and eCommerce and streamline your e-business. Before you plan your sales campaign do consider the following tips. Best of luck!

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