SAP PE Build Partnership is applicable to all partners who complement SAP Application’s features by extending it. So, SAP PE Build Partners uses APIs to get and post data to/from SAP applications. There is a very important announcement that happened in November 2020 which was towards SAP PE Build Partners. It is being notified in SAP Partner Portal that from February 15th, 2021 all PE Build Partner’s Solutions that integrate or connect to SAP Applications via APIs must use a Unique Integration Key provided by SAP. This is also known as the Application Interface Key. They must use this unique key in the API Header.

Application Interface Register for SAP Integration

SAP PE Build Partners need to locate and use the Application Interface Key which will be required to call every SAP LoB API as part of the Application Interface Register. Each Registered Partner Application will get a unique 8 character alphanumeric key which will be called as Application Interface Key. Partners can deploy qualified and compliant applications by providing the Application Interface Key when calling SAP APIs.

Where to get Application Interface Key

If you are an SAP PE Build Partner, you can access the Application Interface Key through:

  • Manage My Partnership Portal
  • Manage My Apps Portal
  • Manage My Apps Mobile Interface

How to Locate the Key – A Step-by-Step Guide



  • Step 3 – Open SAP PartnerEdge Launchpad


  • Step 4 – Click on Manage My Apps


If you already have Registered and Qualified Apps, it will be shown in Manage My Apps.

  • Step 5– Click on the App to get details, API Key will be available which can be used in SAP LOB Application’s API Header.


  • Step 6 – If you do not have the App Listed, then you can start Register New App from the Manage My Apps Home Page.


  • Step 7 – Important Fields and Options need to be filled in the Register New App section is as follows:



Important Note

The Application Interface Key must be sent with every API call even if it is not listed on LoB Solution Page. The key header must be sent from wherever the API call to SAP System is made, it can be either UI or backend. If you are using Microservice Architecture with multiple services calling SAP APIs, the key header should be included every time.

If you have any questions, you can contact your SAP Partner Experience Manager for more details.

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