Things to consider while Integrating Zoho With SAP B1

For an SME, it is important to ensure that with limited manpower and business softwares they have to achieve maximum productivity. SAP Business One is one of the leading ERP solutions which is used as a core software to run a business due to its broad range of functionalities.

Now, when it comes to manage a company’s interaction with its current and future customers, it calls for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. ZOHO CRM is one of them. This solution organizes, automates, synchronizes sales, provides technical support etc. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a proper sync between the two systems i.e. ERP and CRM so that data flows in real time. This process is carried on by APPSeCONNECT , our connector which integrates an ERP and CRM platform.

How does ZOHO CRM and SAP Business One achieve sales automation?

Customer Sync – Contact, Account, Leads

  • Lead sync

Leads entered in ZOHO CRM  system by the corresponding Sales Rep will be synced back to SAP Business One B.P Master Data as Leads. According to your business need, the SAP B1 BP Leads can also be synced to ZOHO CRM.

  • Account & Contact sync
    When Leads are qualified in CRM and converted into Accounts and Contacts, the corresponding Lead in SAP Business One B.P Master Data will be updated as Customer and the CRM Contact will be added as Contact Person in B.P Master Data. Similarly, SAP Business One B.P Customer and Contacts will be uploaded to CRM system and it will create new Account and Contacts.

Product Sync

Master items from SAP B1 will be uploaded as Products in ZOHO CRM system. One Price List in SAP will be mapped as the standard price in CRM system, additional price lists will be mapped with Price Books created in ZOHO. So when an item is synced from SAP B1 to ZOHO, multiple price books’ price will also be sync based to CRM. Price books are generally assigned to different customer groups to offer discounted price to ReSellers/ Wholesalers.


  • Sales Quotation sync
    All the ZOHO CRM Sales Quotes for any particular account will be synced as SAP Business One Sales Quotations for further order processing.
    The ZOHO CRM Sales Orders will be synced as SAP Business One Sales Orders.  Items selected, tax, billing, shipping address, due date, etc. of the Sales Order will be synced in SAP B1.
  • Payment Method sync
    APPSeCONNECT will sync back the payment method from ZOHO to SAP Business One for sales. ZOHO CRM Invoices will be synced back to A/R Invoice to SAP Business One.
  • Potential Sync
    According to your business requirement, the ZOHO Sales Potentials along with their current stage and probability can be converted as Sales Opportunities in SAP business One.

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