Competition is brewing among online store owners and all of them are trying to outdo each other in terms of optimizing their websites to access insights. A lot of information is hidden beneath exploding transactional data on e-commerce websites like customer behavior, purchase trends, and sales performance that can be used to streamline marketing campaigns. Besides that, customer value addition, revenue generation, conversion optimization and differentiation are some of the key reasons why shop owners are rushing to invest in e-commerce analytics. If you run your eCommerce store on Magento 2, there are a number of extensions that help you to gain access to insights and analytics.

Here are some of the best Magento 2 extensions for reporting and analytics.

Magento 2 Analytics

Magento 2 Analytics is among the top Magento 2 extensions to gain insights into your sales and marketing campaign.  This Magento integration tool by Exto empowers you to make data-driven decisions powered by single view dashboard and advanced BI reports.  Get an outline of revenue to track sales performance.  Understand why customers abandon carts and what triggers them to complete a purchase.

The mobile dashboard ensures that you access information on-the-go in real time. Improve your marketing and pricing strategy based on variations in average order.  Find out if your repeat purchase rate is growing.  How many new sign-ups occurred and what can you do to push them?  You can even compare two time periods on the same data view like comparing this month’s performance with the last.

Analyze specific dimensions

Classify your data by store view, order status and date to measure the effectiveness of different stores.  Magento analytics extension further helps you to pinpoint hitches in order processing procedure, monitor timely updates of product line and analyze performance during a specified time frame. Get detailed analysis on items sold, discounts provided, goods return, and total profits and so on.

Low performers and bestsellers

For a marketer, it is important to keep a track of low performing products so that timely intervention can be made to tweak marketing strategy.  Identifying cash cows helps you to shift focus on those products and generate more revenue from them.  You can even identify the performance of specific products and products attributes like category, brand, color or size by processing advanced reports.

Google Analytics +

Google Analytics + is an advanced analytics extension for Magento 2 by Fooman that enables you to measure store performance and gain visual insight in sales funnel processes via your Google Analytics account.  A number of features are offered by this Magento 2 extension viz. creating sales funnel to track each step of the checkout process.

Sections retrieved via AJAX during the one-page checkout can also be tracked.  You can figure out where on the store customers abandon the checkout process – this enables you to identify pages that need improvement to boost conversion rate. The Magento integration even allows you to anonymize visitor IP addresses for privacy.

Apart from that, you can use this tool to analyze data from all sources at one place. This e-commerce analytics solution allows you to understand your store and app users so that you can optimize the performance of your content and product attributes.  Access Google’s proprietary audience data along with machine learning capabilities to gain deeper insights.integrate-magento-with-ERP-2

Google Analytics Enhanced e-commerce

Google Analytics Enhanced e-commerce is a Magento 2 extension by WeltPixel that is implemented with Google Tag Manager.   The integration enables you to track product impressions, product clicks, product detail impression, add/remove product to cart, promotion impressions, promotion clicks, measuring each step in the checkout process, purchases, full and partial refunds.

The Magento integration enables marketers to add, edit or remove marketing and measurement tags with ease.  Update tags and code snippets on your Magento 2 store or mobile app for traffic analysis and marketing optimization. To use this extension, a code snippet is placed on your Magento 2 store and connected with Tag Manager and Analytics server.

The extension does not require you to write additional code for your marketing campaign. It can be easily installed and configured with predefined variables, triggers and tags automatically created in your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.  Google Analytics Enhanced e-commerce is one of the best Magento 2 extensions with a multitude of features.

This e-commerce analytics extension allows you to track transactions by product variants.  You can track each step in the checkout process including billing address, shipping address, shipping options, and payment options. Track coupon usage, product review count, product review score, sales by product attributes, user types and stock status.

Predictive Marketing Platform

This powerful Magento 2 extension by Windsor Circle helps store owners to optimize marketing campaign based on customer behavior and purchase insights. This extension has endless possibilities on integration with various campaign modules by Windsor Circle including Predictive Analytics Module, Retention Automators, Replenishment Automator, Cart Recovery with anti-gaming and Behavioral Track and Trigger Suite.

Magento 2 store data including customer purchase history, transactional data and customer level information is pushed into email marketing software to drive automated predictive marketing campaign. The store data is further used to drive surface ads on Facebook and Adroll to generate revenue and enhance customer interaction on social media.

Predictive Marketing Platform extension allows store owners to turn observations into action and manage customer lifecycle campaign. Access predictive data points like predicted spend; churn probability, predictive customer lifetime value with the help of proprietary algorithms. Expand the scope of your campaign across multiple channels including social media platforms like Facebook.

This Magento analytics extension helps you to determine effective acquisition channels with the help of Google Analytics. Calculate customer lifetime value and average order value for repeat purchasers as well as one-time buyers and compare the two to understand the value created by customers who buy more than two times on your store. Apart from that, you can track customer retention progress and send personalized product recommendations.

Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports is a robust e-commerce analytics extension for Magento 2 that allows you to add 14 additional report types to default store functionality for deeper analysis. Each report type has a unique filter set that can be configured based on specific requirements. You can even filter reports by store view where you can choose one or multiple store views for which you want to view information.

You can use this extension to export reports data to CSV or XML files for processing. The Magento integration can also be used to customize reports dashboard. You can display conversion funnel data for the specific period, specify a time period for sales overview graph display, observe current bestsellers list, see latest orders statistics etc.

What’s more, this Magento analytics extension can furnish customized sales reports, customer reports, and catalog reports. For example, sales reports are classified into nine different report types based on sales overview, orders, sales by hour, sales by country, sales by coupon, sales by payment type and so on. You can filter stats data by the number of sold products as well as by the total sum paid by customers within a specific time period.

It’s possible to set a step interval (day, week, month, year) for graph and grid data display on the ‘Overview’ report page. It’s also possible to filter data by order status for the ‘Orders’ report. Similarly, customer reports have two report types viz. customers and new vs. returning. New vs. returning report type is chosen to obtain in-depth understanding of customer behavior so that you can optimize marketing strategy.integrate-magento-with-ERP-2

Power BI

This Magento analytics extension is a cloud-based service by Microsoft.  Power BI is integrated with Azure Active Directory to provide secure sign-in and authorization for your Magento 2 store. The integration enables you to create interactive Power BI Reports and Dashboards based on Magento Reporting Data. Reporting data is delivered from Magento store to Power BI Online service.

Data is updated regularly based on a set schedule so that you are able to view the most up-to-date data for analysis. You can also conduct flexible data configuration to send data for a specific time period you wish to examine. You can use Power BI mobile app for Windows, Android and iOS to gain on-the-go access to visually rich data including graphs and charts.

Power BI allows you to send data alerts to your notification center or to your email. The alerts are triggered when data in your dashboard undergoes fluctuations beyond limits you set. Moreover, these alerts are synchronized across platforms. Apart from that, the export profile is automatically created within the extension that saves information about selected filters.

Impactful analytics extensions for your Magento 2 store

E-commerce analytics is in high demand among store owners so that they can analyze customer behavior in relation to various products and store attributes.  It allows retailers to maximize value for customers, generate more revenue and maintain high profits.  The above-listed extensions are some of the top Magento 2 extensions which may enhance your analytics goal. Try installing one of them today and boost your Magento 2 website with an analytics-driven extension.