Top online payment gateways for eCommerce Platform

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time – Abraham Lincoln.

Many of us are scared to shop online because we are scared of the hackers. Stories come up on the social media and other sites about accounts being hacked and the illustrative bill follows too many Cyber Crime protocols. So the internet hackers have found the way to hack our accounts and we, the customers have got very few smart options to secure our online transactions.

The online payment gateways are the processes that enable you to pay the vendor indirectly without disclosing your account details. The payment gateways given below save your account or card details and pay the vendors without disclosing the same to them. In short the payment gateways act as a third party initiating the payment with certain annual or monthly charges.

You will have to register yourself with these payment gateways and authorize them to access your details to make the payment. It’s like you pay at the gateways and they pay to the vendor.

Money is always accompanied by trust issues, whosoever pays you trusts you with your job, be it any phase of the day to day life. Losing hard earned money is a tough feeling. The e-commerce merchants have learned it well, so they have applied the smart business choices to make life simpler. You pay them and they pay the vendor but any secured service always demands a certain price.

Here are some of those amazing options to choose from the next time you start shopping online:

  • Google Wallet: Google is an well known source for searching answers to our queries. Now it has made its services available in the form of a payment gateway known as Google wallet.
  • PayPal: This payment gateway is widely used. Over hundred million people use it today. This gateway provides the option of doing transactions in 26 currencies.
  • Amazon Payment: As we all know this brand name commands respect among the e-commerce buyers. This payment service makes transaction easy and convenient by using it’s amazing Amazon API application.
  • .net: In a recent study, it has been stated that this payment mode is widely in use because of its sustainability factor since 1996.
  • Dwolla: PayPal now has a competitor who is scaling up the ladder by offering some cool features. This payment gateway does not charge you if your online transaction is within USD 10. They charge 25 cents on transactions over USD 10.

Oftentimes we restrict ourselves from buying amazing stuffs from a new website because we are not sure whether the payment process is secured or not. Now that there are certain options to secure the transactional payment gateways, we can indulge in shopping sins.

So now we get peace of mind while swiping our cards online. Happy shopping!

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