Cloud services for business operations are becoming a standard of the eCommerce industry. Today, eCommerce businesses use a vast array of highly functional cloud applications to cover various aspects of their operations. However, these different cloud services are not guaranteed to work seamlessly. The integration process of these applications is a very time consuming and costly affair. While industry giants may have their own dedicated IT teams to handle the integration process, most eCommerce businesses cannot afford to do so. This is where iPaaS comes into play. An iPaaS or an Integration Platform as a Service is a cloud-based software integration platform. It streamlines the development and deployment of application integration within the cloud and between the cloud and the enterprise. A good iPaaS will not only seamlessly integrate your cloud systems but your on-premises applications with ease as well. Let us look at all the benefits an iPaaS can provide to improve business operations and help it grow.

Top Reasons You Need an iPaas in 2021!

Reduced complexity in integration

A fast-growing business adopting more and more business software applications to manage its operations can end up with a complex software environment very quickly. The main advantage of an iPaaS is that it can seamlessly connect all the applications the business would need. Using an iPaaS is not a code-intensive process. Thus, you don’t require a separate expert to carry out the complex task of integrating all the applications. The iPaaS does the hard work, so you don’t have to.

The iPaaS grows with you

A frequent marketing buzzword we come across when talking about integration platforms is scalability. So, what is scalability? Well, the scalability of the iPaaS means that when your business grows, the iPaaS also grows and adapts to your business needs. As long as the new applications used are within the enterprise network, the integration platform can easily connect them.


Improves internal communication

Having an iPaaS keeps all the teams synchronized. By bringing all the different applications under a unified platform, the iPaaS acts as a centralized data hub. The iPaaS acting as a data hub, allows all the departments to access data regarding every section of the company and better analyze their performance in different fields. With the data integrated from every department, each team member has the opportunity to provide new ideas and perspectives and identify previously unknown issues.

Ready access to up-to-date data

Another benefit of the iPaaS acting as a centralized data hub is the ready accessibility of real-time data. Without the data integration provided by the iPaaS, it is a common issue for departments not to have ready access to relevant data. This can raise issues like the marketing team sending offers to an already disqualified lead or a customer getting charged for a product module they are no longer using. The iPaaS integration syncs changes done across all applications and prevent conflicting scenarios from arising.

Keeps things budget-friendly with an iPaaS

An iPaaS prevents you from burning a hole in your pocket in several ways. The most obvious being the cost associated with hiring a dedicated software integration expert. The removal of the need to hire an expert to develop custom APIs for integration cuts down costs drastically. Another way the iPaaS saves your money is by being a cloud service. An iPaaS being an online subscription-based solution means you pay for what you only need. You also don’t have to invest in expensive on-premises hardware that requires separate regular maintenance as well.

Provides a secure data environment

A common concern of every business today is the leak of confidential data. A secure environment that can effectively prevent data breaches is the need of the hour. Having an iPaaS can significantly reduce the risk of a data breach. As the iPaaS is always under monitor by the service provider, they can remain vigilant for any security attacks. The iPaaS provider also installs verification and secure authentication procedures for data flow for the entire business ecosystem.


Workflow automation

Another core feature of an iPaaS is business operation automation. All businesses carry out a variety of generic business processes like data entry, etc. These processes are often carried out manually and tend to be repetitive, error-prone and time-consuming. Using an automated solution not only cuts down on time and cost but also reduces data error. The iPaaS integration automates these processes and creates a faster and error-free workflow.

Better decision-making

Having real-time access to data regarding every aspect of a business provides decision-makers the power to effectively track business operations and make the most accurate decision possible. The iPaaS helps set up an all-in-one reporting dashboard for the management to get a clear overview of performance and identify critical business trends.

Provides a faster workflow

With simultaneous real-time data transfer across multiple applications, the time required to get things done comes down drastically. Long gone are the days when one person had to spend their entire day painstakingly enter data from one system to another. Real-time integrations and low-latency data exchange reduces the time taken in these drawn-out processes and eliminates delays. The automation provided by an iPaaS allows tasks that took hours for manual completion to be completed in real-time.

A better customer experience

Customers look for consistency in the quality of service they receive when communicating with different departments within a company. To provide this consistency in quality, all departments require access to the same customer data. With the iPaaS synchronizing all customer data across every department, the customer receives a more consistent and personalized service. These personalized services make the customer feel more valued and helps the business retain them in the long run.


Whether you already have an existing eCommerce business or plan to start one, having an iPaaS is a must in 2021. If you want to be efficient and expand your business effortlessly, without the need to worry about the complexity that comes with a growing business, having a good iPaaS is a must-have!


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