Supercharge Shopify with Real-Time B2B Price Sync from SAP S/4 HANA


Webinar Details

Avijit Paul
VP-Customer Success
Rishitha Utnoor
Associate Onboarding Manager
Supercharge Shopify with Real-Time B2B Price Sync from SAP S/4 HANA

For any organization working with these apps, SAP serves as the system of record, while Shopify acts as the eCommerce engine, providing a boost to both retail and B2B customers. It is crucial for retailers and distributors to seamlessly integrate these applications to achieve optimal business outcomes. One area that requires quick and seamless integration is price, shipping, and tax calculations, including B2B Price Sync from SAP.

While Shopify boasts a robust pricing engine, SAP offers a more complex mechanism to manage customer contracts, pricing rules, tax calculations, and freight calculations. Join this webinar and witness how to leverage the best of both worlds through seamless integration between these platforms.

This integration between SAP and Shopify helps reduce complexities by eliminating the need for dual maintenance of pricing rules and conditions. Also, it ensures there is no mismatch in order values between the platforms and enables the calculation of freight based on optimizations performed in SAP.

During the demonstration, we will showcase:

  • Why bringing prices from SAP to Shopify is necessary
  • How Shopify accurately reflects prices, tax calculations, and shipping calculations from SAP, including B2B Price Sync from SAP
  • Demonstration of the Solution
  • Key Considerations and Learnings
  • Question and Answer
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