What’s new in SAP Business One 9.2 ?

SAP Business One 9.2 is the next version of SAP Business One which will soon be available in GA. Currently in most countries it is being tested by partners through Ramp Up version. Also in some countries it is released for deployment, like in Panama where DreamTech S.A. has completed their first up-gradation project ; upgraded their customer who were using SAP B1 9.1 to 9.2 in just 2 weeks. So SAP Business One 9.2 showing many advantages, but let’s take a quick look what’s new in SAP Business One 9.2?

Admin Module

  • Import from Excel of data types Price Lists, B.P catalog Numbers
  • Restriction on concurrent user, one user login will block the other user from same S User ID
  • Approval Procedure set up for documents
  • Data Ownership on Business Partner level; permissions to documents are decided by whether users have permission to the business partner used in the documents

Financial Module

  • Virtual Asset Concept in Fixed Assets
  • SAP B1 9.2 provides you with the option of splitting journal entry postings by their origin document lines
  • Enhancements based on IFRS; Activation of Ship Goods Account, Extension of GL Levels, Rename COA Drawers

Sales and Purchase Module

  • Reopen Purchase and Sales Orders when you create Credit Memo on A/P and A/R Reserve Invoices
  • Generate Marketing document on A/R side in electronic format
  • Define Freight which includes tax

Business Partner Module

  • Define the control account used for posting opening balance transactions for each business partner
  • Enhanced Campaign Management Functions; Vendor Campaign, Run existing campaign

Banking Module

  • Select an endorsable third-party check as a payment means in an outgoing payment
  • Authorization under Checks for Payment; Update Pay, create checks for payment without Journal Entry, Print checks for payment, Print Voided Checks and Reprint Checks for previously printed payments

Inventory Module

  • Enhanced valuation rules for Serial/Batch wise valuation method
  • SAP Business One 9.2 introduces the Prices Update Wizard. It provides multiple methods to let you update prices globally on item level.
  • Allows you to restrict bin locations according to the UoM of items stored in bin locations
  • Create pick lists without specifying any bin location for them
  • Track Inventory Cost; block from changing the costs directly in Item Master Data for inventory items that use the standard valuation method
  • Field Length Extension; Item No. – 50 Characters, B.P Catalog No. – 50 Characters, Resource No. – 50 Characters, User Code – 25 Characters, Mfr Catalog No. – 50 Characters

MRP and Production Module

  • MRP Wizard Updates; Select items based on Preferred Vendor and UDFs defined in Item Master, a new update method with more parameters
  • Warehouses are now included in forecast
  • The standard production cost update routine enables you to optionally and periodically synchronize the budgeted standard production costs with the actual valuation cost of the item
  • The standard production cost rollup routine for parent items enables you to optionally roll up the budgeted costs of item and resource components into the parent’s production standard cost through all BOM levels
  • Production Order Start and End Date Enhancements
  • Posting Schemas; Accounting with balance sheet accounts only, Accounting with balance sheet accounts and P/L accounts

Service Module

  • P Tab in Service Call window
  • Services given by vendors/service received by the company can also be tracked now under Service module

HR Module

  • Employee Master with embedded photos
  • Manager and Subordinates for each employee
  • Display terms and roles of company employees

Project Management Module

Centralize project related transactions, documents, resources and activities. The feature helps you monitor the progress of tasks, stages, phases, and the overall project, analyze budget and costs, and generate reports on various aspects of the project

Misc. Features:

  • SAP Business One on browser
  • A job service has been introduced to manage alert settings on the server side
  • Centralized Log files storage
  • New logging and tracing objects
  • Localization specific online help
  • Set Up Wizard – Installation and Upgrade wizard merged
  • Apply logon limitations for indirect access: Only one machine can run an add-on at any one time. An exception will occur if a second machine attempts to log on
  • Apply logon limitations for browser access: It is possible to log on from only one machine or browser. A second logon attempt from another machine or browser will fail

Source – For more details visit https://partneredge.sap.com/