A product image is important for an e-commerce store as it creates the impression on the buyer. An image enhances the product description which makes it appealing for the visitors of the eStore. It is not possible for the shopper to feel the product in an eStore, it is the product image they visualize before making the purchase. In this age of visual culture, an image is an essential component that drives your customer’s notion.

Consumer’s nature:

An e-commerce store have a number of products listed, the items varies from category, style, color, material, design etc. Online buyers always do not have a mindset to buy a particular thing. It is the image which appeals their eyes where they click for better outlook. A buyer closely check the product images by zooming them, these images gives them an idea how it would suit their utility. Always make sure the customer goes through at least four five angular pictures hence if you do not upload quality images, you tend to lose your customer.

Few points to keep in mind before upload a product image:

  • The product pictures should be appealing.
  • Plain white backgrounds are always better to view the image.
  • Use a mannequin or model to display for products like clothes, accessories etc.
  • The product should have different angular images for better interpretation and not just one.
  • The image should also have zoom in features for clear and neat spectacle.
  • The quality for the camera.
  • Edit if required.
  • Size of the picture, bigger is better.
  • Image should not be blurred.

Product image is the main tool for convincing your customers, as you do not have the option of a sales person. Many times it is noticed that few product listed in the eStore does not bear any photographs instead a nice professional write up describes the product, in this scenario what will your customer buy if they have no idea about what you are offering?  You can never turn your website visitors into your customers. In this fashion the product will be displayed on your e-commerce store and not in the shopping cart of the consumer.