Before knowing effectivity of something, it is always good to know what it is. There are certain things nowadays that is helping the ecommerce industry to boost its never-ending growth. Conversation Rate Optimization is one of the major factors among them.

As we know, WooCommerce is one of the major leaders as an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress in the ecommerce industry. It also requires the process of Conversion rate optimization to append the success in case sales.

What does conversation rate optimization look like for a WooCommerce store? How much it costs to implement? Is it easy to deploy or use?

Most importantly, if you have little time to spend on conversion rate optimization, where should you start? Here’s a quick guide of CRO for WooCommerce which talks about how to measure sales channel and redeem lost sales.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

The Process of Conversion Rate Optimization are as Follows:

Understanding about your products or service. Also, known as demand generation.

Taking the next step towards purchase. In eCommerce terms, this typically means landing on your website.

When someone becomes a customer. For a WooCommerce store, this means a completed checkout – Success.

Take a Moment to Visualize the Path a Customer would take Through your Sales Funnel.integrate-woocommerce-with-ERP

Finding out your Funnel to Diagnose Problems

First, you need to measure out the problems within your sales funnel. To find it out you can use Google Analytics.

Once someone has landed on your site, you’ll be able to see in Google Analytics exactly how and when they drop out of your funnel. That’s where it is ‘leaking’.

You’ll want to repair these leaks to boost conversions. If you have confined time, here are three things to try first:

  • Optimize landing pages: One-Page Checkout is a great option here.
  • Simplified checkout: Every extra step is a chance for folks to exit. Consider simplifying checkout with Checkout Field Editor. If you are using PayPal, here’s how you can configure the checkout option in WooCommerce!

When you’re ready to optimize more deeply, or if you see leaks happening in just one of the stages, move on to the six focal areas below.

1. Make It Easy to Find the Right Product

  • Improve onsite search: add live search, filters, indexing and more with Product Search.
  • Make it easy to analyse products: customers like balancing up differences and features, try product compare to make this easier.
  • Improve your site navigation: use AJAX Filtered Navigation to let customers filter by attributes like patterns, size selectors and more, making it easier to find the right product.
  • Quick-view
  • Enable Live Chat

2. Include Testimonials From Other Customers

  • Adding reviews is an excellent way to build trust with. Product reviews are effective for conversions as they pull through the search engine result pages – positive reviews can lead to more customers clicking through to the site and can then increase the rankings in time.

3. Add Rich Information About your Products

It is always true that adding more images to product pages—and better still, explainer videos—to WooCommerce. com product pages increase conversions by a healthy percentage.

4. Run Promotions to Increase Urgency

To create a sense of urgency you can run promotions and highlight offers.

5. Make it Easy to Buy

  • To perform this, you must provide the customer certain features and they are as follows:
  • Enable Guest Checkout
  • Enable login with a social media account
  • Show prices in local currency
  • Offer multiple payment methods
  • Offer flexible payment plans
  • Wishlist and Wishlist reminders

6. Offer Incentives to buy

  • Discounts
  • Free-Shipping
  • Reward Points on every purchase

Moreover, Conversion rate optimization isn’t something you do once, sit back, and enjoy–it is an ongoing process which will be under the monitoring process all the time.

Now, you can easily connect your WooCommerce store with the back-end ERP / CRM System to automate the business process!integrate-woocommerce-with-ERP

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