Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV Integration

Integrate dynamics crm and dynamics nav

To achieve Salesforce Automation through ERP system, Microsoft has introduced an integration between it’s 2 most popular products viz Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM. Let us now look at their points of integration.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration enables you to couple Microsoft Dynamics CRM records with Microsoft Dynamics NAV records – essentially linking the records together. Once coupled, you can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM records from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and for some entities, access Microsoft Dynamics NAV records from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The section below shows this mapping:

Dynamics CRM Account with Dynamics NAV Customer

  • Create Dynamics NAV Customer based on Dynamics CRM Account and vice versa.
  • NAV Customer and CRM Account can be coupled and changes made in one system gets synchronized to another one.
  • Access Opportunities, Quotes and Cases of Dynamics CRM Account are all seen from Dynamics NAV.
  • View Customer Statistics of NAV in CRM Account.
  • Sales Order posted in NAV against Customer is synced automatically in CRM Account.

Dynamics CRM Contact with Dynamics NAV Contact

  • Create contact in Dynamics NAV based on contact of Dynamics CRM and vice versa.
  • CRM Contact and NAV Contact will be coupled and changes made in one system will be automatically updated in the other.
  • Data synchronization can be done manually and can even be scheduled from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and vice versa.

Dynamics CRM User with Dynamics NAV Salesperson/Purchaser

  • Map Dynamics CRM User with Salesperson of NAV.
  • Dynamics CRM User can access Dynamics NAV data using the Salesperson’s account.

Dynamics CRM Product with Dynamics NAV Item and Resource

  • Create a new Product in CRM from an Item or resource in NAV.
  • Access Dynamics CRM Products from NAV Item/Resource.
  • Access an item or resource in Microsoft Dynamics NAV from a product in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics CRM Transaction Currency with NAV Currency

  • Create and couple a new transaction in Microsoft Dynamics CRM from a currency in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Access a coupled transaction currency in Microsoft Dynamics CRM from a currency in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Data synchronization can be done manually and can even be scheduled from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics CRM Unit Group with NAV Unit of Measure

  • Create a new unit group in Dynamics CRM from a unit of measure in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Access a coupled Microsoft Dynamics CRM unit group from a Microsoft Dynamics NAV unit of measure.

Dynamics CRM Sales Order with NAV Sales Order

  • Create Sales Order in NAV based on already created order in CRM.
  • Access sales order in CRM from the sales order created in NAV.
  • When a sales order is posted in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the status of the coupled Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales order changes to invoiced.
  • After a sales order is created in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you cannot synchronize data between the Microsoft Dynamics NAV sales order and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales order.

Integrate Dynamics NAV Ecommerce Store

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