How to Manage Retail Buyers in SAP without exploding Customer Master Records

The sheer number of records to be maintained becomes so high that it leads to explosion of master data records. The number of records become in the same order as the number of transactions in this case. Maintaining a dummy customer master record is not an option as it leads to inaccuracy in calculation of freight and taxes. It can also lead to inaccuracy in shipping and invoicing processes.

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SAP ECC to Magento Sync – Part 3: Order to Cash Sync between SAP and Magento

This final article in the series establishes the integration of the orders to cash flow cycle. SAP and Magento integration requires knotty data sync when it comes to orders and cash. Orders need to neatly organized and updated on both the platforms for smooth on-time delivery process. This article along with a video demonstrates the final part of the syncing process relating to orders and invoice which forms the footing of b2b and b2c commerce. Also in the b2b scenario where orders are generally huge, it becomes very important to update information flawlessly.

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The next leap, Is your business ready for an ERP?

You start a business with a goal to achieve something in your life, which can serve you, your daily bread and butter and later scrumptious meal. As your business is growing, all the procedures around you are also rising up, which may be handled during your start up but not in peak time. During your start-up it must be easy to manage it but as the volume multiplies you get stuck with multiple options.

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Benefits of integration your ERP with eCommerce store front

E-commerce is an online business forum where you sell and buy items. The business which you are running online have many departments to cater like finance, accounts, human resource, manufacture, customer relations etc. which is not possible manually. In this environment ERP integration takes the control and automates the process.

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Creating successful Magento ERP integrations

To open an online business you need a platform for which Magento is one of the best bet you can think off at the present scenario. Online business has many departments to cater for this an ERP software’s is essential.

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Innovation for SAP HANA empowers customers in today’s digital economy

SAP Hana the newest version launched by SAP is a data management system which is memory and column oriented. SAP HANA is categorically indexed and it is designed to handle both complex query and high transaction rates which is processing in the same platform. The innovation for SAP HANA empowered their customer with choices, speed, promptness, applications, insight, innovation, value, cloud and data.

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A Candid comparison of Embedded ERP and SAP B1

SAP B1 and embedded ERP both have its own positive and negative aspects. SAP B1 by SAP AG offers you full-fledged ERP solution that gives you all the benefit that you require to run your back office.  While an Embedded ERP is generally an extension offered by e-commerce solution partners that assists you in managing inventory, purchase and logistic within the e-commerce.

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Case study for Magento ERP connector success

Kribha Handicrafts a Mumbai based retail industry offering wide range of products from apparel, metal ware, jewelry and home furnishing. The products offered by Kribha Handicrafts are handmade, natural products, ethnic, organic which are exclusively made in India.

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Importance of customer satisfaction in e-commerce and how ERP connectors can help

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