15 Magento Experts to Follow on Twitter

Are you a newbie in the Magento ecosystem ? Sure, the information available on the Internet about this popular ecommerce platform is going to make you suffer from information-overload and result in confusion.

But not to worry! Turn out, there are some Magento superheroes out there, who know the platform in-and-out and have all the knowledge and relevant experience to show you a direction. To help you with a steady stream of Magento-wisdom coming your way, I’ve made a list of Magento experts to follow on Twitter along with links to their blogs and LinkedIn profiles. Follow them and get the best resources and advices on Magento in the Twitterverse.

  • Ben Marks

Ben Marks

Ben is developer and community evangelist at Magento. He is one of the founder members of Magento Stackexchange site and Magento Certification Advisory Board and has several Magento-related credentials.  Ben specializes in Magento implementation and is a world-traveled Magento U instructor with over 1500 hours spent conducting in-person training for Magento Inc. on three continents.

                                                                                 Blog: Ben Marks Blog

  • Guido Jansen


Guido is a cognitive psychologist working in Ecommerce and currently the community manager and platform evangelist at Magento Inc. He received the “Community Builder Award” out of the hands of eBay CEO John Donahoe for building the Dutch Magento community and events.

His publications ‘What is Magento?’ and ‘Persuasive e-commerce’ are very informative and are valuable resources.

                                                                                 Blog: Guido Jansen Blog

  • Alan Storm


Alan is the creator of Commerce Bug and author of No Frills Magento Layout and the owner of Pulse Storm LLC.

As Alan’s Twitter bio says, he helps “programmers have fewer crap days”. With an experience to die for, he provides interesting resources, which are helpful for the pro, as well as those who are new to the Magento world. Follow him on Twitter:

                                                                         Blog: Alan Strom Blog

    • Tom Robertshaw


Tom is the co-founder of Meanbee, an ecommerce development agency that builds upon Magento. He has several Magento certifications and is well known for his in-depth ecommerce surveys, which you can find in his blog. As a part of the Magento community, Tom offers open-source code, helpful articles and presentations to share ecommerce knowledge. He was also a speaker at Meet Magento Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

                                                                         Blog: Bobby Shaw Blog

  • Branko Ajzele


Branko is a highly experienced Magento-certified developer with Strong technical knowledge with the ability to communicate those technicalities frequently and clearly with strong direction.

Branko, was awarded as Ecommerce Developer of the Year by Digital Entrepreneur Awardsin October 2014 for his excellent knowledge and expertise in eCommerce development.

He’s also the author of Instant E-Commerce with Magento: Build a Shop, aMagento-related book oriented toward Magento newcomers.

                                                                         Blog: Branko Ajzele Blog

  • Philip Jackson


Philip is a Magento Certified Developer, currently focused on Magento integrations with large-scale e-tailers and customized installs; infrastructure planning and management for ecommerce.  He’s a co-host of @magetalk and organizer of @magentosofla.

                                                                         Blog: Branko Ajzele Blog

  • Kalen Jordan


Kalen is a huge fan of Magento and really enjoy connecting with community and contributing to the ecosystem.  Co-host MageTalk – the Magento community podcast and contribute open source modules on GitHub.

                                                                         Blog: Branko Ajzele Blog

  • Ashley Schroder


Ashley is a software engineer and Magento developer. Creator of http://magespeedtest.com – Magento speed testing & http://magesend.com  – Magento email.

                                                                         Blog: Branko Ajzele Blog

  • Ivan Chepurnyi


Ivan is a former Magento Core Team Member and an extremely experienced developer. One of the top Magento expert changing the way how most of the companies work. Developer of widely used EcomDev PHP unit framework.

                                                              Blog: Branko Ajzele Blog

  • Vinai Kopp


Vinai loves to code and is an evangelist. He was a keen developer since 1998 and also an open source enthusiast. Kopp is now a member of Magento Certification Advisory Board  and a speaker. Vinai is now working as Magento trainer and consultant.

                                                                         Blog: Branko Ajzele Blog

  • Mark Shust


Mark Shust is known as an eCommerce developer in precision dialogue. He is a developer & innovator for cloud-based Point of Sales (POS) system and also Magento eCommerce solutions architect. Linux systems administrator, JavaScript/PHP developer, and user interface designer.

                                                                         Blog: Branko Ajzele Blog

  • Sylvain Rayé


Sylvain is an active Magento community developer, expert and contributor. Organizer at Meet Magento Switzerland 2014.  Founder & Senior Developer at @diglin_

                                                                         Blog: Branko Ajzele Blog

  • Sherrie Rohde


Sherrie is a Magento community manager associated with eBay enterprise. He works towards improving the quality of open source web product.

                                                                         Blog: Branko Ajzele Blog

  • Kimberely Thomas

Kimberely Thomas

Kimberely better known as the Magento girl, she architects the Magento eCommerce solutions and community events. Thomas is also a managing partner and co-founder @interactiv4NYC.


  • Tim Bezshashvyly

15 Magento Experts to Follow on Twitter

Tim is a certified Magento developer with 16 years of PHP experience. He specialized developer for back-end and front-end on RWD and Magento EcoSystem. He well recognized as Magento events speaker and is an expert.

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