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Cloud technology is a mainstream part of IT today. All of us are aware of the value proposition of cloud technology – easy provisioning, scalability and cost saving. But even with the myriad benefits, security concerns have always posed as a barrier to adoption for many organizations.

Security of business-critical information in cloud infrastructure has always been a concern. Although the most reputable cloud providers are certified with some of the big names in the industry and have top-of-the-line security to protect user data, but various incidents have proved that there is no such thing as a completely safe cloud system. In spite of the stringent security measures, we often hear stories of data hacking with some of the most secured systems and that shakes our belief!

After providing on premise integration solutions for years, considering the benefits of cloud technology, we too wanted to give our users the following benefits:

  • No CAPEX
  • Cross-device accessibility
  • Easy scalability (shift from one system to other)
  • Fast and easy implementation

And the simple answer was moving to cloud, but then again, we were always pulled back because of two major concerns:

  • Data Security
  • Bandwidth consumption

The solutions, which inspired us in the integration space, were taking customer’s business critical data on their cloud and then processing it to sync with other systems, which always kept the customer’s data at risk. By interconnecting systems over cloud their customers were sacrificing security for efficiency.

Other integration solutions

With growth in business, bandwidth consumption is mostly likely to increase, which many customers cite as a barrier in terms of cost.

Taking the above scenarios in consideration, we came out with a hybrid model which delivers all the benefits of a cloud solution yet completely eliminates the risk of compromising on data security as well as bandwidth consumption with increase in business transaction volume.

So what is a Hybrid integration solution?

Our connector combines the best of cloud and on-premise integration solutions to keep your business data 100% secure.

It comprises of two components:

The Cloud Portal
You can login to it anytime, from anywhere and configure all your business logic here. Note, that the cloud platform stores the settings only. Data synchronization does not take place here.

The Agent App
One you have configured your connector, this agent application is downloaded from the cloud portal itself and installed on your own server, where the actual data synchronization takes place between your ERP and Ecommerce/CRM applications.

Ecommerce ERP connector- APPSeCONNECT

As you can see, we have just provided the functionality to control and configure the integration connector in the cloud. The ‘Agent’ will do the actual integration work in your secure network. So, we do not keep any of your business-critical information and give you an additional peace of mind, as ONLY your settings are stored in our server.

You can consider our cloud portal as a remote to the ‘Agent’ application, which can be accessed over the web from multiple devices. That cloud will also give you live stats of all the data synchronization, which is taking place between your integrated systems.

So APPSeCONNECT connects your different systems directly to each other in your own network and also gives you a trigger that can be accessed across devices, giving you a constant control of your integrated environment. The best part being that we integrate your environment with the advantages of a cloud solution but you get to keep your business data in your own server. Isn’t it the smarter way to have a solution to the problem?

To know how the connector works, watch this video (5 step video link)

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