3DCart has always been one of the most efficient and affordable eCommerce platform. It has always surprised us with it’s latest versions. 3dCart Version 8.0 has a lot of new features and advantages when compared to its previous versions. It will be very SEO friendly because of the increased load speed. Apart from this, the Version 8 upgrade will see a lot of new payment gateways like Apple Pay, Square, zipPay etc.

Lets check out all the new enhancements in this latest version:

1. Advanced Core Template Engine:

3dCart is now updated as per the latest industry standards and Google’s Recommendations. The Core Template Engine is developed on the Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is a reliable, responsive and mobile first framework. This will help 3dCart and developers to create better themes. These new themes will have a better page load speed and layouts. Even the data processing capability will be better because of the improved AJAX Functionality.

2. Introduction of New Payment Gateways:

There will be new integrated Payment Gateways such as Worldpay, Square, CenPOS, zipPay, Apple Pay, sagePay amongst others. These new payment gateways will further expand the market for 3dCart.

3. The All New “Buy Button”:

The new 3dcart Buy Button is an embeddable widget. The Buy Button has a front-end AJAX API. One will be easily able to create custom events and actions. The web developers can retrieve product information, add items to a customer’s shopping cart and even view a list of all items which are present in the cart.3Dcart-buy-button

4. Product Comparison

Your customers to compare up to 4 items across various points of comparison. This will make it easier for customers to select the right product. It will further help you understand the product performance accordingly.integrate-3dcart-with-erp

5. Facebook Integration:

This is another very good feature introduced by 3dCart. If you have facebook Advertisement in mind, then you should not miss out on this one. The new Facebook shopping tab and integration with the Facebook Dynamic ads can improve your sales and conversion rate. You can easily do Remarketing on your potential customers. Facebook can display your products in a much more customized and targeted way. You can easily connect your product catalog directly to Facebook.


6. New App Integrations:

3dCart has introduced some new integrations to its platform. It includes MailChimp, Google Customer Reviews, Google Shopping Feed and even Google’s Invisible Captcha. This will further improve your ecommerce functionality.

7. Pre-Order Module:

The Version 8 provides a better order management and customer service. In this version, you will be able to manage pre-orders in a better way. This new module can help you get a better picture of what’s there in the sales process and needs to be executed.

“Our version 8 release will enable retailers to sell on new channels, improve rankings and increase conversion rates,” said Jimmy Rodriguez, 3dcart COO.

With the new extensive list of improved features, the Version 8 release will further strengthen the position of 3dCart. The new technology changes by 3dCart in this latest version will definitely improve customer satisfaction. We hope to hear more from 3dCart in the coming future.

Now, you can easily integrate your 3dCart store with the back-end ERP System and automate the business process!!integrate-3dcart-with-erp

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