3DCart Issued Store Credit Feature

We know that 3DCart is the leading all-in-one eCommerce solution. It recently declared a new flexible Store Credit feature that will further expand the merchants’ options for handling returns and client servicing.

This Credit module allows the merchants complete freedom in respect of issuing store credits to their clients. The feature provides tools such as customizable and automatic email to inform cliens that they have received credits, complete records of credits given, and reference notes which are visible to both the merchant and the client at the same time. These Store credits can be issued at the merchant’s discretion.

“We are all committed to improve the 3dcart platform by adding new features that benefit the online merchants stand out from the competition by offering a better customer experience” said 3dcart CTO, Jimmy Rodriguez.

This new feature is now available for 3dcart merchants who are using Professional Plus and higher plans whcich starts from $99.99/month. Merchants with access to the feature will be able to implement Store Credit in a few simple steps. Now here are some questions that might arise for using the store credit feature:

How will I be able to use this store credit feature?

This new Store Credit feature allows one to issue credit to the clients that will be applied to their next order. This can act as an alternative to issuing the customer a refund on purchases. The following information will help you add and use the Store Credit feature on your store:


Activating the Module

To activate the Store Credit Module you have to do the following:

  1. Go to 3dcart Online Store Manager first of all.
  2. Now go to modules using the left hand navigation menu present.
  3. In the module page find the “Store Credit” module by using search tool.

To open click on the “+” icon next to “Store Credit” and you will get the following options:

  • Enable Store Credit
    Tick this to turn on the feature.
  • Notify customers when store credit has been issued
    Tick this also to send an email to your customers when a Store Credit is issued.
  • Edit Store Credit Email
    You can change the words of your email template by clicking on this, thus making the email much more customizable and as per one’s need.

3DCart Issued Store Credit Feature

Issuing Store Credit

You can use 3 methods to issue store credit to your client depending on the specific situation for which credit is being applied.

  1. Issuing Credit Directly on the Customer Record

If one wants to apply the store credit to the client’s record:

  • Go to Online Store Manager.
  • Go to Customers >Customer List by using the left hand navigation menu present.
  • Find the customer record you would like to edit and click on their name.
  • Now, Click on the “Store Credit” tab present.

Now you can put a credit amount to the customer as well as a reference for the credit amount. The client can see the reference and so one has to be carefull with this! Now save it and issue it.

  1. Issuing Credit On A Specific Order

If one wants to issue the credit directly from the order then he has to do the following:

  • Go to 3dcart Online Store Manager.
  • Now, Go to Orders >Manage Orders.
  • Click on the invoice number of the order you wish to select.
  • In the order page click on the “Actions” button at the top right and select “Issue Store Credit”.

Now enter the credit amount and reference note in the window and finally click on “save”.

  1. Issuing Credit from an RMA

The last way of issuing store credit is during the processing of an RMA ticket. When you select and mark the RMA as closed, a small sub-section will appear directly in the RMA allowing you to issue the Store Credit accordingly.

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