Extensions for opencart store

Opencart is undoubtedly one of the most popular Open Source eCommerce Platform in the world. When launching your online store through Opencart, you are excited to add new features and configurations in your storefront to grow. Although Opencart comes up with a huge list of features to cater the business needs, still below 4 extensions are highly essential when doing ecommerce business through Opencart:

    • SEO Pack Pro by Privatemtx

When visitors doing a search in Google, your store products should appear in those search results. This is Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short and is extremely important. There is actually never ending activities related to SEO which require to be executed each day.

The SEO Pack Pro module is packed full tools to help you quickly and easily get your store up to scratch. Multi-language SEO, pagination, canonical tags, meta data generation and more – SEO Pack Pro gives you the freedom to improve your website’s SEO without any development experience. With over 3,300 sales to date and a 5-star rating on the OpenCart Extension Store, this is definitely a module that you should consider for your OpenCart store.

    • ExcelPort by iSense

Exporting and importing data to and from an online store is an extremely important activity. Before launching you need to important Products and other data to your Opencart and after launch you need to export these data time to time for a data backup. ExcelPort makes it incredibly easy to export and import data from your store via an Excel file.

ExcelPort is particularly useful if you have hundreds or thousands of products, categories and customers. With one click you can bulk export or import products, categories, orders, customers, customer groups, options and more – significantly reducing the amount of time you’ll have to spend listing and adding data to your store.

    • OpenStock by Welfordmedia

No Online Store today showcase different colors/sizes as different products. Rather most stores lists products in the form of variants. One Product can have many variants in terms of color, size, screensize, weight, packs, etc. options allow you to reduce the number of product listings your store has and makes it easier for your customers to see all variations. But, how can you keep track of stock for each variant? That’s where OpenStock comes in.

OpenStock allows you to assign stock values to each individual product option of a product, rather than just stock for the single product itself. This handy tool not only makes it easier for you to keep track of exact stock levels on your store, but also allows you to see which of your product variations is performing the best with your customers.

    • Ajax Quick Checkout by Dreamvention

Checkout is the most important area of a traffic conversion to a transaction. Your checkout section need to be short and can be completed with as less steps as possible. If your key focus for improving your store is the checkout, then the Ajax Quick Checkout module will be perfect for you. This module moves all of the checkout steps onto one single page; reducing the number of steps your customer has to go through and helping improve cart abandonment rates.

The Ajax Quick Checkout module even gives you the freedom to change the order of the sections, add 1 to 3 columns and hide certain fields and options. It’s even responsive and includes social logins, making it ideal for stores with lots of mobile users.


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