CompanyAlterna Distribucija d.o.o

Industry: Distributors of Servers, Computers, IT Equipments and Accessories.
Micro-vertical:Computers, servers, IT equipment’s and accessories.
Headquarters: Alterna distribucijad.o.o., Slovenia

About the company
Alterna Distribucijad.o.o., which is part of AlternaInterntradedd is one of the largest distributors in Slovenia.
Since 1992 they are leading the Slovenian market. The company is defined exclusively as a distributor of servers, computers and IT equipment’s. Alterna Distribucijad.o.o. was separated from the parent company AlternaIntertradedd in 2014.
Alterna Distribucijad.o.o. operates exclusively through its business partners and does not sell directly to customers. The principal activity of the Alterna Distribucijad.o.o. company is the distribution of computer related IT equipments, both hardware and software. They also provide high-quality, advanced secured IT support for users.

Integrating Magento E-commerce with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Project Objectives:
  • Automatic synchronization of various pricing rules using customized Magento extension.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and duplicate data.
  • Real-time data exchange to ensure online user’s satisfaction.
Key Challenges:
  • Implementation of NAV granules using their base available NAV objects for the complex integration of NAV and Magento.
  • Alterna Distribucijad.o.o. maintains sales lines discounts based on complex item grouping and customer grouping on their ERP and wants to upload those prices to their e-commerce under tier price for each product.
  • Alterna Distribucijad.o.o. has a requirement of customer specific pricing, for which Magento does not have any provision by default. So custom solution was provided to them to have provision to maintain customer-specific pricing on the ecommerce and real time synchronization pricing data.
  • Fully automated sync in real-time.
  • End to end mapping between e-commerce and ERP business objects.
  • Software scalability, e-commerce growth support and geographic expansion.
  • Automated synchronization of the item information to Magento from legacy ERP system
  • Automated synchronization of special, tier and customer specific prices from legacy ERP system to Magento.
  • Bi-Directional sync of orders, shipment, invoice and customer information, supporting B2B and B2C operations.
  • Integrated and automated sales order processing in Dynamics NAV against all web transactions.
  • Improved efficiency in sales and inventory management between ERP and e-commerce.
  • Optimized order fulfilment cycle up to 65%, ensuring user satisfaction.
 “With APPSeCONNECT we wanted to connect our new B2B shop with our Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP. APPSeCONNECT was chosen, because we found out, that We could connect our Microsoft ERP with our Magento-based webshop, without buying any additional license from Microsoft. Plus it was an independent solution which was developing continually. By using it, we can maintain our B2B model meeting all latest standards and also get new business partners which will reflect in higher revenue.
We like one feature the most which they developed just for us – “special price upload”. It allows us to maintain period discounts on the online store. Another feature which we like is “tier price upload” (by the groups). It allows us to maintain different prices of products for different customer groups.
We would like to recommend this product, because it is flexible and gives us a lot of additional features, some of which even we were not aware of, before the project started. We are very satisfied with InSync’s development and sales team, because they are always there for us and because the connector runs smoothly and effectively.”
Marko Kuralt
Alterna, Slovenija
Future Plan is to improve B2B business opportunities.

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