The first thing that hits our mind when we hear of the word ‘cloud solution’ is that the solution will lower our IT cost, improve agility of our business operations and will provide cross-device accessibility. There are solutions in the market which integrate your different systems completely over the cloud. However, the cloud solutions are directly dealing with your business critical information. Obviously, the solutions are certified with some of the big names in the industry but why should you at all allow someone else to have your information? Isn’t that compromising with your organization’s internal data? Have you thought about the bandwidth consumption and the performance which such a cloud sync application can deliver?

We asked many users who are using such cloud integration solutions and we are amazed to find out that they never thought about this aspect. After being told this they actually began to think. We had been providing on premise integration solutions for connecting different ERP systems and eCommerce platforms  for the last 5 years. Cloud technology has always been in the road-map since we started exploring this space, but what always fascinated us was the idea that , what if a solution could be developed that would combine the best of both a cloud based solution and an on premise solution. So, we started our journey of exploring cloud technology and at the end of one whole year of such exploration we came out with APPSeCONNECT – a hybrid integration solution.


So why are we calling it a hybrid integration solution?

We succeeded with our idea of combining the best of both, a cloud based solution and an on premise solution. We have provided the functionality to control and configure the integration between systems on-cloud. The actual integration work will be done in the client’s premise by the ‘Agent’, so we do not keep any of the client’s business critical information. We have just provided a remote to the ‘Agent’ over the web that can be accessed from multiple devices. Also, you can imagine the remote as an advanced gadget which would give you a live stats of all the data transactions happening between your integrated systems.

APPSeCONNECT integrates your different systems and also gives you a trigger that can be accessed across devices, giving you a constant control of your integrated environment. The best part is that we integrate your environment with the advantages of a cloud solution, but you get to keep your business data in your own server. Isn’t it the smarter way to have a solution to the problem? Do let us know if you want to know more about APPSeCONNECT.

If you are an eCommerce merchant and looking to complete commerce sales processing through your ERP or CRM, we have the right solution for you – APPSeCONNECT, world’s easiest solution to integrate your ERP, eCommerce and CRM and help you grow your business.

Integrate your ERP with eCommerce stores, Marketplace and CRM