Benefits of Azure SQL as a back end of Microsoft Dynamic NAV

Benefits of Azure SQL as a back end of Microsoft Dynamic NAV

Azure SQL for NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is the latest release of the popular NAV ERP series widely used in SMEs. NAV 2016 comes up with many latest features on top of previous versions, and one of the key advantages is to use Cloud Based RDBMS system which is Azure SQL. Now let’s discuss how and why Azure SQL can be beneficial to use with NAV 2016.

Azure SQL Database is a RDBMS service available and offered in the cloud, it is based on MS SQL Server Database Engine, with built-in features and capabilities like an On Premise SQL Server Database. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, you can configure your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance to securely connect to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database running within a managed relational SQL database-as-a-service or DaaS, which is Azure SQL Database. One of the biggest benefits of having Azure SQL Database as a back end of NAV is to eliminate maintenance and reducing costs.

Benefits for NAV Users

  • Easy Administration

It has built in support systems, automatic data backup, data protection and fault tolerance. Also Azure SQL will automatically receive require patch and version updates by Microsoft time to time without disrupting your business time.

  • Cost Benefit

Azure SQL is charges at an hourly fixed rate. It eliminates the previous licensing costs that you require for MS SQL Server paid upfront and also eliminates hardware costs to maintain a database server.

  • Business Continuity

Point in time restore, geo restore, geo replication; such new features are available by default with Azure SQL making this an efficient data resource for business continuity

Benefits to Microsoft Partners

  • Performance and Scalability

Partners can adjust database performance and tune it to next scale without any disruption to the business cycle, Index Tuning and Query Optimization features can be used for monitoring and troubleshooting.


Partners do not need to worry about managing the infrastructure, Microsoft Azure takes care of Physical Resources of the SQL Instance.

  • Easy Migration
Upload and manage your legacy database using Azure Portal, SSMS, or an API. Using this you can connect securely from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

  • Known SQL Server tools and APIs

Access through REST API, PowerShell, Azure Portal, and SQL Server Management Studio, it has near-complete compatibility with the SQL Server engine

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