With APPSeCONNECT’s ‘out of the box’ integration solution, Comfortel was able to avoid hours of custom development to integrate their ERP and Ecommerce systems together.

Comfortel is a trendsetting salon-furniture and equipment manufacturer from Australia. They have been changing salon spaces with their visionary and creative designs across Australia and New Zealand since 1998. Comfortel offers inspiring designs in hairdressing furniture including salon chairs, wash lounges, barbers chairs, trolleys, stools and mirrors. Comfortel’s ‘Enable to Create’ approach is about helping salon professionals create beautiful results by giving them the tools to unleash their creativity.

We chose APPSeCONNECT because it was an ‘out of the box’ solution that had the features and functionality we needed. It saved us time and money as we were able to avoid many hours of custom development to integrate our ERP and Ecommerce systems together.
We mostly liked that the APPSeCONNECT agent is self-managed with a nice UI. Meaning, we can log in to the agent at any time and see the different sync points and how they are performing as well as change system settings (stop the sync, change the frequency of syncing, etc.). A custom developed tool would likely not have provided this type of functionality and would have been more difficult to troubleshoot when syncing issues arise. The APPSeCONNECT agent is helpful as it shows error messages that allow you to troubleshoot any issues and resync data as needed.
APPSeCONNECT is a prebuilt tool, it still allows for much customization to fit our specific business needs. We have used both simple default syncing and complex syncing using custom query generation in our ERP system. This has kept costs low, but still allowed us to have the flexibility needed.

The team at InSync have been great to deal with the process of our new website integration.The integration of AppseConnect allowed us to have an open source platform of Woocommerce to talk to our Accounting Software SAP for our business. The software is very intelligent and allows our individual product information to feed on our accounting software directly to our website. The team at InSync – especially my Account Manager, were very knowledgeable and even accommodated to custom integration we needed that went beyond standard scope. They have great communication and have been easy to deal with. They had so much patience with every new request that we needed and were available day and night and weekends as well. I would happily recommend the AppseConnect and the team at Insync.

Lisa Feleppa,
Marketing + Brand Manager
Project Overview
Selling across Australia and New Zealand, Comfortel boasts of a large range of product and has a complex process of order management and inventory updates. It used WooCommerce as the storefront and SAP Business One was the central hub of all the information. A smart and robust integration strategy was required between the two applications to seamlessly transfer data.
The Challenges
  • Sync like item details, prices, inventory etc. from SAP B1 to Woocommerce.
  • Transaction details of orders in Woocommerce had to be made available in SAP for fulfillment.
  • The absence of an intelligent integration solution to sync customers in SAP B1 from Woocommerce as Business Partners.
  • Sales Representative allocation in SAP based on location
  • Data redundancy due to manual data entry.
The Solutions
Integrating WooCommerce with SAP Business One via APPSeCONNECT,
  • A streamlined communication channel between the Woocommerce store and SAP Business One established.
  • Item price changes, inventory updates, shipment details with tracking ID updated on WooCommerce from SAP.
  • Customers selectively synced to SAP after approval from Woocommerce back-end.
  • Business Partners synced successfully into SAP B1.
  • Sales Representative assigned in SAP.
  • Real-time data transfer between E-commerce and ERP.
The Benefits
  • Huge saving in time and resources.
  • End-to-end mapping of business objects.
  • Efficient Real-time data exchange.
  • Complete elimination of manual data entry and reduced data duplication.
  • Streamlined business process.
APPSeCONNECT Differentiators
  • A robust and easy-to-use platform enabling fully automated sync.
  • Fully automated sync in real-time.
  • Software Scalability, support for eCommerce Growth.
  • Geographic expansion is facilitated.
  • Improved efficiency in business processes.
  • Self-managed agent.
  • A boost in the productivity of employees.
  • A highly flexible and customizable solution capable of adapting to future complex scenarios.
  • Quick implementation and an affordable solution.

Victoria, Australia
Consumer Goods
Products and Services:
Elegant furniture for office and salon.

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