Credit Management for SAP Magento B2B Integration

In a B2B business scenario, products are generally ordered in bulk and there are risk management features provided by SAP to mitigate risk for big transactions. The best practice is to assign company credit to the companies and have complete control over order processing by blocking the cycle at various stages.

In this article, with the help of a video we will demonstrate the integration of company credit control between your back end ERP and E-Commerce platform. Please note that we are demonstrating the solution between SAP solution with a Magento e-commerce instance which has the B2B plug-in installed.

Credit control sync between SAP & MAGENTO

SAP ERP has a very intricate & meticulous way of keeping track of the credit limits of a company and also provides a comprehensive calculation of the taxes and discounts. On similar lines Magento also have pre-installed modules that allocate and calculate credit to companies.

In video embedded below we have shown the Credit Control in the following steps:


The video will show order creation from Magento front end and its manual syncing from Magento to SAP by pushing the order info using our intermediate agent.


Then, you will see the order getting delivered with shipment tracking number and its visibility on the Magento back-end.


After the order is placed you will able to see the changes in the company assigned credit both on SAP as well as Magento.


You will be able to see the payment conformation from SAP and the credit limits getting synchronized in both the platforms using our agent.

Benefits of the sync

Apart from numerous benefits of the SAP-Magento overall sync, credit control synchronization between the platforms can be very rewarding and effective especially in the B2B scenario.

Some of the benefits are listed below

    • Avoiding payment calculation mismatch – When you are into B2B business, the last thing you want to do is mess up the tax and discount calculations as it would affect a large order and may result in losing the customer. Credit sync gives you full control of such mishaps as all the information are listed both on your EPR and Front End platform.
    • Identifying valuable customers – This sync is very beneficial when it comes to customer groups and group based pricing which is a very important aspect of B2B businesses as you can easily identify customer groups and set up their credit limit as well as pricing on both the platforms in an hassle-free manner.
    • Automatic updates/ Reduce manual errors – When an order is placed or a payment is made there is no need for someone to sit behind any of these platform to manually approve and update these information. This would not only make the process automated but also will reduce manual errors.
    • Customer satisfaction – Imagine eliminating the possibility of human error when it comes to bulk orders by just automating the whole process of credit management. Customers are bound to be satisfied when they see hassle-free check outs and payments.

Credit Control is incomplete without real time sync between your SAP and Magento platforms. Avoid calculation mistakes, identify valuable customers, reduce manual errors and lead a customer centric business using this highly optimized solution.

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