SAP erp to Magento Sync – Part 4 : ECC Magento Sync – Inventory

Supply chain management is a crucial factor in the growth of a company applicable to both B2B and B2C markets. The most important aspect of supply-chain is Inventory Management and it helps in maintaining a balance between stock-outs and overstocking.
In this article, with the help of a video we will demonstrate the integration of inventory data between your back end ERP and E-Commerce platform. SAP and Magento integration is a complex and effective solution when it comes to Inventory.

Inventory sync between SAP ERP and Magento

Inventory can be updated both on SAP and Magento but keeping track of inventory on both ends in the crucial part. We have achieved this using the following 3 steps (also shown in the attached video).

Step#1 Update and check inventory in SAP

The quantity of products available in the warehouse is updated in the back end SAP.

Step#2 Use agent (APPSeCONNECT) to pull and push data

Our integrating agent APPSeCONNECT sends a query across SAP and pulls out inventory data and simultaneously pushes it into Magento.

Step #3 View updated inventory in front end

After the syncing is complete we can view the updated Inventory in the front-end Magento UI.Integrate-SAP-ECC-Magento-Banner

Benefits of the sync

Some of the crucial benefits of the sync are –

1. Avoiding Stock-outs

Customers ordering from Magento front-end will now be able to see updated and the latest Inventory. This would ensure hassle-free sales to delivery cycle without worrying about missing inventory or stock-outs

2. Overstocking hazard

Imagine a situation when you have a huge quantity of a product in your warehouse and a new product has taken over the market, it a pure loss for your business. Use analytics to determine the appropriate inventory for your products with the help this solution.

3. Eliminating loss of Orders

Never miss on an order using this solution. The real-time sync between the two platforms will ensure that the inventory is always up-to-date.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Without a real-time sync between your ERP and E-Commerce platform related to inventory may arise a situation where your product stock shows ”Out of Stock” but when actually it is not, it just took some to be manually updated in the front end. This creates a bad impression on the customer or may result in losing a potential customer forever.


Inventory management is incomplete without a real-time sync between your ERP and E-Commerce platform. Never miss your customers again, avoid stock-outs, overstocking hazards and ensure customer satisfaction using this solution.

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