Order to Cash Sync between SAP and Magento

In the last articles we have demonstrated the synchronization of products and catalogs and the integration of Business Partner data with SAP ERP and Magento.

This final article in the series establishes the integration of the orders to cash flow cycle. SAP and Magento integration requires knotty data sync when it comes to orders and cash. Orders need to neatly organized and updated on both the platforms for smooth on-time delivery process. This article along with a video demonstrates the final part of the syncing process relating to orders and invoice which forms the footing of b2b and b2c commerce. Also in the b2b scenario where orders are generally huge, it becomes very important to update information flawlessly.

SAP Sync With Magento – Order to Invoice

The Order to Invoice sync transpires using the following steps. They have been detailed out step by step in the sequence that they occur in a usually Order to Cash (OTC) cycle.

Getting Web Orders from Magento into SAP

Orders placed by customers on the E commerce website using Magento will be saved as an order ID in the Magento back end. This order is now identified by the integrating agent (APPSeCONNECT) and is pushed into SAP containing the Magento Order ID. The logistics team gets access to orders ready for delivery using standard SAP transaction code. They can initiate the outbound delivery processes using these transactions.

Informing customers When Goods are Dispatched

SAP keeps a track of the complete process of Ordering of products to its delivery. The ERP system has this unique feature where you can actually update when the ordered products/merchandise are picked up from the warehouse. If the company leverages external shipment number, for example, let us says Blue Dart or UPS, these can be handy for the end customer to track the shipment.Integrate-SAP-ECC-Magento-Banner

Communicating Invoice

Invoice communication is the final step of this integration process. After Orders are synced, SAP processes the Invoice for the ordered products. This invoice is sent into Magento with the help of our agent and further e-mailed to the customers.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Simplified Order Processing – Orders can be synced into SAP just with a click of a button. It can also be customized to sync automatically.
  • Warehouse Processing in a Single System – Usually warehousing is itself a complex process and then manually entering it further into your eCommerce platform make it more tedious and vulnerable to errors. The solution provides a single system view of the process.
  • Better Cash Flow and Revenue Generation – This integration results in a transparent and a brisk syncing process which is bound to generate better revenues.
  • Less Dispute Due to no Manual Processing – The system is fail proof when compared to the human error vulnerability.

Explanation of the Video

The agenda of the video is to demonstrate the complete synchronization of the Orders till Invoice of SAP and Magento. In this video you will see
1. Orders getting synced into SAP.
2. The checking of Orders on SAP with Magento Order ID.
3. How the products pick up time (from warehouse) is updated.
4. How the Invoice is created.
5. The Invoice getting synced into Magento.Integrate-SAP-ECC-Magento-Banner


A company can shoot up its revenue within months using this integration solution. Manual errors in data entry can be completely avoided and the pace of the workflow bound to increase substantially.

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