Integrate NAV with eCommerce, Marketplace and CRM

In the previous article, we have seen how the integration of products/merchandise takes place. Today we will demonstrate the real-time sync process of Business Partner Data from SAP ERP to Magento.

For smooth running of workflow between your back-end ERP and front end e-commerce, it is essential to sync Business Partner Data. SAP and Magento Integration is a complex solution when it comes to Business Partner data. After the successful syncing of Master Data as demonstrated in the previous article, we will witness the Business Partner Data sync forming basis for any b2b and b2c commerce in this article. Partner Data including shipping and billing addresses, customer groups etc needs to be accurately maintained and updated on both ERP and e-commerce.

Importance of having business partner data

In SAP, a customer is referred to as a Business Partner. Maintaining Customer/Business Partner data is very crucial for long term as well as short term business commitments. Knowing your customers comprehensively before they place orders is not only satisfactory for the customers but also favorable for your business.
Having customer data synced between your ERP and e-commerce in real time makes way for a faster and smarter business solution.

Details of the Sync

In the integration of SAP with Magento, we are syncing the following touch-points:

  • Customer Details – Basic information of the customer like his name, company name etc is synced into Magento.
  • Billing Address – Billing address of the customer is also synced.
  • Shipping Address – Most of the time billing and shipping address are the same. Shipping address will also synced along with the Billing address.
  • Customer Groups – Customer groups are very important for both b2b and b2c businesses when the seller has different product prices or discounts for different groups of customers. Magento provides a few default in-built customer groups which we have used to integrate in our syncing process.
  • Updates On Changes – This integration also allows updating the customer data from the SAP back to the e-commerce front end.

Explanation of the video

The video aims to demonstrate in real-time, the sync of Business Partner/Customer Data from SAP to Magento.