In our earlier article, we saw how minimum order quantity can be synced from SAP to Magento. The same can be referred here: Minimum Order Quantity of Products in SAP to Magento 2. An advanced business case is that certain products can only be sold in certain increment quantities. For example, eggs can be sold in dozens (hence multiples of 12). There could also be other products which make sense to sell in certain multiples.

Maintaining Increment Quantity in SAP:

The increment quantity can be maintained in the sales area view of material master. The screenshot below shows where this could be maintained. For example, the below product can only be sold in increments of 12 for the given sales area.



Magento 2.0 Increment Quantity:

Standard Magento also has the functionality to maintain increment quantity. This is available within the inventory management section of product. The below screenshot shows where the same could be maintained. It must be noted that field “Enable Qty Increment” must be Yes so as to be able to maintain the increment quantity.


Steps shown in the video:

The video demonstrates the following aspects of the solution.

  1. Synchronizing the increment quantity.
  2. Behaviour of Magento while placing orders for products having increment quantity.


By having this integration, you can have web customers ordering products in multiples of units as set in SAP without having to do any other manual intervention. Having an integrated order entry business rules saves time and effort and streamlines the order processing. It saves time in order correction and eliminates the number of order touches required for order till cash process. Hence higher levels of business automation can be achieved without increasing the overheads and manual effort.
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