How to configure buy one get one free in SAP

Buy one get one free is a typical scenario in retail industry. This article describes how this can be configured in SAP so that if the customer places an order which meet the criteria, the rules get applied.

Configuring Free Goods

SPRO configuration for the free goods are within Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Free Goods -> Condition Technique for Free Goods

Configuring free goods to configure buy one get one free in SAP

Free goods set up

For setting up the free goods, goto transaction VBN1. See the below screen where we are defining the rule for BOGO in SAP ECC.

Free goods setup to configure buy one get one free in SAP erp


Free Goods Setup in SAP erp

As you can see for customer 1000, sales organization 1000 and distribution channel 10, for material casing, the buy one gets one is defined as the following criteria.

  1. Customer buys more than 2 product
  2. He gets one free.

Now let us see what happens when the customer places an order.

Create Standard Order in SAP erp

You can observe that when order quantity is placed as 2, the order line items are split into 2. If you observe the item category for second line item is derived as TANN (free item).

Standard Order in SAP erp

Thus by setting up the free goods in SAP, you can determine the criteria based on which the free goods will be given to the customer and in what ratio.

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