Comprehensive SAP Magento Integration for B2B Commerce

Comprehensive SAP-Magento Integration for B2B Commerce

The video shows how Magento can serve as an eCommerce platform for running a B2B web-shop on top of SAP backend. The following components are used for this demonstrating the video

  • Magento ecommerce with B2B Plug-in
  • SAP ERP 6.0 platform
  • APPSeCONNECT pre-configured Agent

The video shows the following integration aspects in the following order

  • Customer Master with Credit Control Information

Convert your contact persons into live end user logins to your web-shop. All the contact persons consume the company credit for their order by using purchase order as the payment method.  To view customer integration touch point in details click on the below link. Credit card orders as well as orders requiring proof of delivery are supported as well.

  • Product and Catalog Sync

Control the tree structure from within SAP. Also list your products along with their charecteristics as well as multi-media file from SAP. To view this touchpoint in more details click on the below link.

  • Order to Invoice

Get your web-orders into SAP and manage their entire cycle in SAP. Outbound delivery along with tracking details as well as invoice information sync from SAP to Magento. To see this touchpoint in more details click on the below link.

  • Payment Information

The payment coming into SAP is synced to Magento. The credit consumption is reduced using this information. The respective invoices are marked as paid. To view this in more details click on the below link.integrate-magento-with-ERP-appseconnect

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Shailendu Verma

Shailendu is the founder of Veon Consulting Pvt Limited. He has done SAP consulting for top companies like Boots Plc, Proctor & Gamble and Daimler AG. Veon is a solution partner of APPSeCONNECT.

Our integrations are dynamic in nature. The mentioned offerings are the cumulative possibilities of the platform (actual scenarios are specifically organization/business-dependent). For any disparity, please refer to the latest version of the integration brochures.