Minimum Order Quantity of Products in SAP to Magento 2.0


There are various business rules which apply during the various stages of order processing. One of the business rules during order entry is the minimum order quantity. This means that certain products can only be ordered above a specified number.

This may be due to commercial reasons. For example, a product may be a low-cost one and the cost of order fulfillment may itself be higher than the value of the item until and unless ordered above the minimum order quantity.

Both SAP ERP and Magento 2.0 have minimum order quantity functionality in their respective master data management. APPSeCONNECT integrates the information across the applications so that the order placement can take care of syncing the business rules which apply around order entry.

Video Demonstration


This video is made in one of our development instances (SAP and Magento 2.0) and it demonstrates the following

  1. Definition of the minimum order quantity with SAP in the material master’s sales area view.
  2. Syncing of product into Magento
  3. Magento behavior when a customer orders a quantity below the minimum order quantity.


APPSeCONNECT helps make the order entry process efficient by having minimum order quantity check directly at the time of order placement in Magento web store. With this check enterprise, can have the correct web order from the start. Thus, there are less to no manual corrections required in the order to cash cycle.
Now, you can easily integrate SAP with your Ecommerce Store/CRM and improve your business process!integrate-sap-erp-with-ecommerce-store

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