The buying decision of the online shoppers is not only inspired by the product’s image or description. It is important for the Magento store to uplift and highlight the important features of the products with the inclusion of video links and pictures. This helps in boosting the sales of the portal. Doing this manually is extremely toiling and does not always bring in the desired success.

At this juncture, what comes in handy is APPSeCONNECT’s unique and unparalleled integration solution. Integrate your Magento Store with SAP using APPSeCONNECT. This will help you to create a rich product information database comprising of their video links, images, and quick details. Check out these product-related information which the solution syncs from SAP to Magento:

1. Basic Product Description – This is the one-line product description about the product in your Magento store.

2. Long Product Description – As the name suggests, this counts to the 1- 2 paragraph long description of the product with relevant information. The video below will show how you can make the text bold or highlighted.

3. Product Characteristics – The attributes of a product like Color, Size, Brand, Model etc. can be synced for better product filtering and user navigation. In the electronics segment, for example, this can help the users to compare two products so that they can make a decision on which one to buy.


4. Videos Link – You can embed a video link in Magento to explain the product and how it can be used. Its unique features could be demonstrated to the buyers and it could lead to more sales/visitor count.

5. Product Datasheets and other technical PDFs – These could be put within Magento so that the buyers can download more facts about the product.


Video Demonstration

This demo video shows step by step process:

Preparing the Rich product description within the SAP:

For adding the rich text in a product description, following steps must be completed:

1. Execute the WWM2 Transaction code. Select your Catalog and click on the Layout.


2. Navigate to the product to maintain Texts


3. Select the product and click on Texts


4. Add your text in the editor. Currently, we are going to use certain text in bold text as well as insert a video link. In the same way, you can also add other links like pdf and embed an image.


5. On syncing the information from SAP into Magento using the APPSeCONNECT agent, the product information within Magento site(front-end) shows the following.



Having this information helps the buyers in making an informed decision about buying the product from Magento store-front and helps you close more sales per unique visitor on your Magento web shop.

Now, you can easily integrate SAP ECC and Magento and automate your business process!

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