SAP-Salesforce-integration-APPSeCONNECT-blog-featured-imageAs a business using SAP Business One as your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM), you’ve most likely faced one or more challenges in keeping these systems in sync. Manually updating product or customer data between SAP B1 and Salesforce is not just time-consuming, but also prone to errors, which can ripple through your operations and impact your bottom line. We’ve seen this struggle firsthand, and that’s why at APPSeCONNECT, we’re passionate about providing robust, secure, and proven SAP Salesforce integration.

We understand how crucial it is for your business to establish seamless, automated communication between enterprise software such as ERP and CRM systems. Today, we want to highlight one specific process that APPSeCONNECT can sync and automate between the two systems: the Pricebook Sync. This is a frequently needed feature when organizations integrate Salesforce and SAP, and we’ve successfully implemented it for numerous businesses.

See how our solution can save time, reduce errors, and enable your business to automatically manage pricing changes and updates between SAP Business One and Salesforce.

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Importance of Accurate Pricing Management

Proper pricing management is a cornerstone of business success. Inaccurate pricing can not only confuse and frustrate your customers but can also lead to lost sales and revenue.

Imagine a customer discovering a price discrepancy between your website and a sales invoice. Such inconsistencies can erode trust and drive customers to your competitors.

Moreover, delayed updates to pricing can result in missed opportunities. For instance, if a discount or special offer isn’t reflected across all your sales channels promptly, you could miss out on potential sales. In a fast-paced market, having the right price at the right time is crucial.

By ensuring quick and accurate pricing management, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and improve financial performance. APPSeCONNECT’s Pricebook Sync between SAP B1 and Salesforce automates this process to synchronize data and ensure that your pricing data is always up-to-date and consistent across your ERP and CRM systems.

This not only saves time and reduces errors but also empowers your team to focus on strategic tasks, driving growth and profitability.


So to sum things up,

  • Inaccurate pricing can confuse customers, lead to lost sales and revenue, and erode trust when discrepancies are found in pricing.
  • Delayed updates to pricing can result in missed sales opportunities. If discounts or special offers are not promptly reflected across all sales channels, potential sales can be lost.

On the other hand,

  • In a competitive market, having the correct pricing at the right time is crucial for capturing sales and maintaining competitiveness.
  • Data accuracy in pricing management enhances customer satisfaction, streamlines operations, and improves financial performance.

Understanding Pricing Management in SAP and Salesforce

In Salesforce, pricing is managed through entities called Pricebooks. A Pricebook contains a list of products along with their respective prices. This allows businesses to define different pricing structures for different customer segments, geographic regions, or sales channels. For example, you might have separate Pricebooks for retail customers, wholesale distributors, or international markets.

On the other hand, SAP Business One manages pricing through Pricelists. Pricelists in SAP B1 serve a similar function to Pricebooks in Salesforce, organizing products and their prices based on various criteria such as customer types, currencies, or quantity breaks. They ensure that sales transactions reflect accurate pricing based on specific business rules and conditions.

As a SAP Business One and Salesforce user, maintaining consistency between the pricing in both systems is a must for ensuring accurate pricing across your entire sales process. And that is where our SAP Salesforce integration comes in.

APPSeCONNECT’s Proven Solution – Pricelist Sync with SAP Salesforce Integration

At APPSeCONNECT, we have developed a robust solution to synchronize Pricelists and Pricebooks seamlessly between SAP Business One (SAP B1) and Salesforce CRM. Our Salesforce and SAP connectors ensure that businesses maintain consistent and accurate pricing across both platforms, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Here’s how it works:

  1. For an item already available in SAP Business One as well as Salesforce CRM, we can assign different prices in different Pricelists in SAP B1. For the item shown in the image below, we have assigned 5 different prices in Pricelist 1, Pricelist 2, Pricelist 3, Pricelist 4, and Pricelist 5 respectively.
  2. In APPSeCONNECT, we can define different Pricebooks/Pricelists IDs for source and Destination applications in the ‘Repositories’ Section. Repositories in APPSeCONNECT allow the user to create and manage Lookups in the form of reference tables.
  3. This Repository is associated with the Pricebook Entry Processflow (SAP Business One to Salesforce).

Before Sync


After Sync


You can also see this SAP Salesforce integration process in action in the demo video below:


Effective pricing management is not just about setting numbers; it’s about ensuring consistency, accuracy, and responsiveness across your sales channels. For businesses using both SAP Business One and Salesforce, maintaining synchronized pricing between their ERP and CRM systems through our SAP and Salesforce integration is crucial for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Manage Pricelist Sync with APPSeCONNECT’s SAP Salesforce Integration

APPSeCONNECT’s powerful SAP and Salesforce connector includes integrated ProcessFlows for many common business processes and cycles between the two systems, including Pricelist/Pricebook Sync. Through this integration, businesses can put the pricing management process on complete autopilot, requiring little to no manual intervention. Once set up, the integration automates the transfer of pricing data between SAP B1 and Salesforce, maintaining real-time updates and ensuring data integrity.

Further, APPSeCONNECT is also a leading integration platform (iPaaS), especially when it comes to integrating SAP Business One as well as SAP S/4HANA. Our integration solutions for SAP’s ERP products are SAP-certified, and our customers’ positive reviews and feedback on platforms like G2 and Capterra also highlight our commitment to empowering businesses through integration and automation.

Looking to get started with Salesforce and SAP integration? Seamlessly integrate and automate your ERP and CRM under a single, intelligent, and secure Business Process Automation platform through APPSeCONNECT’s robust integration packages and achieve exponential business growth.