What is a ProcessFlow?

What is a ProcessFlow

APPSeCONNECT is a next-generation integration platform that provides developers and partners an easy way to connect two or more applications together, such that they can talk to each other without manual intervention. The duty of a citizen integrator is to develop and create a bridge between these apps such that the data can flow easily, quickly and on time. No two application is uniform and provides unified application interface. The structure and interfaces of each of them differ totally. Therefore, to integrate between disparate applications we need a solution which gives the right mix of tools and technology specialized to provide integration between applications. This is the job of an iPaaS to give a solution to build integration of applications over it.

What is ProcessFlow?

ProcessFlow is the main workspace of the product which lets you build an advanced and smart integration solution. ProcessFlow gives you an IDE that lets you build an integration that is best suited for your customers while giving you the option to deploy and execute from the same. With the help of ProcessFlow, you can create an integration between two or more applications, deploy them to an environment directly, test it with different types of endpoint filters and finally schedule it for automatic execution.

There is another benefit to a ProcessFlow, which is that you are allowed to organize it into various folders in the platform such that you can easily find a ProcessFlow for your work. The ProcessFlow can be copied, or even packaged and published to our platform so that one can share it with other customers. The sharing gives you an additional power of reusability which helps you as an user or partner immensely as the same kind of work could be reused several times.


Some of the interesting features of ProcessFlow includes:

  • Applications
  • Technology Applications
  • Logic Nodes
  • Node Suggestion
  • Drag/Drop Node Canvas
  • Link ordering
  • Data Mapper
  • Loops
  • Variables
  • Deployment
  • Execution

Let us look into a ProcessFlow to understand it better!

ProcessFlow Screenshot

Here the canvas is marked with a number of sections, on which the user needs to work on.

1. Represents the Identification section. this area provides you knowledge about the name and description of the ProcessFlow.

2. The second section shows the Toolbar. The toolbar is grouped into Application tools, Flow Connect which represents the connectors for technology like REST, SOAP, Database, File System, etc., and the Flow Logic, where the nodes representing orchestration are listed.

3. This section provides the actual designer canvas. In this area, we will design the workflow.

4. The toolbar gives you various options to work with the ProcessFlow Designer.

5. This section lists the ProcessFlow node suggestions and real-time view of the ProcessFlow.

6. This is the activity area, which allows you to finally save/deploy a ProcessFlow.

Hence a ProcessFlow gives a user an Integrated Development Environment to design, deploy and debug an integration.


APPSeCONNECT is a smart and robust business application integration platform that seamlessly connects all your business applications with each other to streamline operations and facilitate the free flow of data across the platforms. By moving into the region of iPaaS, APPSeCONNECT proves to be a best-in-the-class platform that easily connects systems and automates the business process.

Now, you can easily connect all your business applications under one single platform to automate the business process!



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