In this era of endless possibilities, email marketing and automation is an indispensable part of this fast growing business world. Email is rapidly growing and is widely used as a mode of formal communication between businesses. Now, if these emails could be automated, it would give more power in the hands of the merchants and more time to focus on more business-oriented processes – there would be no need of sending an email manually to each and every recipient; with email automation, the entire process will be done without any human intervention resulting in the increased efficiency of the systems as well as making it lesses prone to errors. Sage 300, being one of the widely used ERP solutions, has simplified emailing for businesses.

Email Automation in Sage 300

  • A/P Payment Screen

In the email message options upon clicking the “Post” button the system will automatically send the email to all the email addresses linked to the vendor.



  • Email Value in A/P Vendor

In this way, all the vendors will be updated about recent developments of anything related to payment and the administrator don’t need to perform the tedious job of sending emails one by one to each and every vendor related to the process. The entire flow is automated which in time saves a huge amount of resources both in terms of revenue and time.


  • O/E Screen

    • Upon clicking the “Post” button the system will automatically fetch the customer email address linked with the order customer from the customer table.
    • The system while sending the email to the email address of the customer will also attach the pdf file of the order confirmation.


  • Email value in A/R customer

Similarly, all the customers who place an order will immediately receive their order updates stating the details and the projected delivery date. Customers no need to wait for a customer care executive to mail them the details of their order.



Advantages :

  •  Increased Productivity – All the teams related to the organization, be it sales team, marketing team or customer service team will become more productive.
  • Strong Customer Relationship – Customer will receive updates about their orders instantly which will enhance the buying experience and thus, in turn, retain the customer.
  • Reduced Costs – Increases the effectiveness and accuracy of the organization by reducing costly mistakes and also saving time by reducing the manual work done.
  • Enhanced Communication – It helps to get teams to work closely together.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – Every interaction with the customer is personalized and thus, in turn, increases the overall experience of the customer.

Now, you can easily connect SAGE 300 ERP to other applications and leverage the power of email automation!


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