What is the feature difference between Free and Paid Trial when connecting Magento eCommerce with SAP Business One?

Features which are available in Free Trial :

a. Customer Sync – From Magento to SAP B1 B.P Master and from SAP B1 B.P Master to Magento
b. Item Sync – From Magento to SAP B1 and SAP B1 to Magento, only Simple Products and without Images
c. Stock Sync – From SAP B1 to Magento, added quantity across all SAP B1 Warehouse and syncing that to Magento
d. Sales Order Sync – From Magento to SAP B1 with Exempted Tax and Flat Rate Shipping Charge, Manual Payment Methods only
e. Delivery Sync – from SAP B1 to Magento as Shipment
f. Invoice Sync- A/R Invoice of SAP B1 as Invoice in Magento

Features Which are available in Paid Trial/Full License Version and not in Free Trial are :

a. All features of Free Trial will be available and below are the added advanced integration features
b. Syncing of Configurable, Bundled, Grouped Type of Products between Magento and SAP B1
c. Syncing of Product Images
d. Customer Group Specific Pricing in Magento based on SAP B1 Price List, Volume Discounts, Period Discounts
e. Warehouse Selection option while syncing stock from SAP B1 to Magento
f. Guest Checkout Sales Order Support, support for syncing web order as Draft Sales Order in SAP B1, syncing of Web Online Payments in A/R Reserve Invoice and Incoming Payment
g. Tax and Shipping details mapping between Magento and SAP B1
h. Support for Partial Shipment and Partial Payment

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