Holiday season is the best time for online sellers to scale up their sale. Consumers are actively spending more time online to search for best deal and promotions. How can you drive the increasing traffic of online customers for that perfect holiday item?

Here are the several ways to boost your sale for holiday shoppers and make great revenue:

Plan a marketing e-mail for your customers – e-mail blasting for your potential customers is the best practice to expand both your sale and customer base. Now the question is how to make you e-mail campaigning successful? You can achieve more open rate if your e-mail contains a catchy subject line as this is the first thing which your target audience will read. If you are not able to attract your audience, then there is high chance of your e-mail remaining unopened. Another important thing is your e-mail timing. Time zones should be kept in mind while shooting an e-mail. You also need to create different e-mail campaigns for your past and present potential customers. Their needs and wants may vary.

Landing page strategy the second most important strategy is an attractive landing page. Holiday shoppers begin their online search a week prior to Thanksgiving. If your landing page is created on yearly basis, then automatically that your SEO will begin on a fresh start and that implies you will be delayed in ranking on top whenever a shopper searches for an item like yours. So to make things work better your landing page must be compatible on any gadget because people have multiple mediums to access your store. Slow loading time might frustrate the customer. Also, to keep your customer’s interest alive you need to add a section where your potential buyer can subscribe for updates regarding the upcoming sale.


Check if your size of discount is best in the offer or not: Now this is the factor where the customers are more likely to buy or leave your site. To get more traffic and conversions you need to put the best offer among your competitors. You need to make sure the size of discount is best among other options available.


Compete on price match: Suppose if you come across a scenario where the price of a commodity is same then you need to compete on other details like warranty, delivery options etc. You need to mention better delivery options, warranty time and other details. You can also offer whole store discount where some significant discounts will be on each and every good.


Respect buyer’s rights: Notifications like no return and others which are not user friendly can ruin your holiday sale plan, make sure that you come on the good side of buyers and respect buyer’s rights with utmost care.

Every online marketer expects boost on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but the inflow of massive advertising during the holiday season makes it seem like a wishful thinking.

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