Importance of gift wrapping in the holiday season

The online web-store demands are high during the festive or holiday season. The holidays are almost knocking at the door and your customers are ready with their shopping list for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday followed by Christmas and New Year.

This is the best time of business, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to adopt a few methods which will help you to increase your average cart value. Of the many super simple options that you can apply, one is gift wrapping. Walking down the memory lane to one’s childhood days, one can easily remember the limitless happiness that one felt while unwrapping a gift. Many of us even have a habit of storing the decorative wrappers.

Just to make your customer and their loved ones feel special, boost up the holiday mood. In this article, I will suggest a few ideas where you can make your customer happy as well as increase your profits:

  • Insert personal note cards: The idea behind this is to provide your customers with an option to write special messages for their beloved ones.
    Why not consider creating custom greeting cards, with your company logo? With this you are actually practicing your branding activities. Keep the card design neutral or give an option to choose the greeting card according to the holiday type.
  • Box and Ribbon: Well a printed wrapped parcel along with ribbon would be the best practice and also a standard way to present it. Tiffany’s blue box and white ribbon is considered an iconic sign till date. Consider keeping multiple box sizes so that it fits well. Put few customized designs and options of the wrapping paper.

    Do keep it simple and not extravagant so that it meets your costing and their payment.

    From a business perspective, add logos to the wrapping paper, box or ribbon for branding. In this way not only your customers but also their loved ones find a way in your customer list.

Gift is all about making people around you happy. But this time, let’s do it in style!

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