Google Analytics in BigCommerce store

In the battle for consumer acquisition Google Analytics plays a very important role. It provides you a lot of information about your site, your visitors and demography of your visitors. This information can be used smartly to get a great marketing plan for your store, a plan which can bring a lot of sales to your web store.

For most of the eCommerce Startups or even those who are in the business for a long time these stats of Google Analytics can turn out to be a very difficult thing to understand, Google Analytics can look like a messed up technical information which is hard to decode.

In this blog we talk about the basics of Google Analytics and how you can set-up your GA code for BigCommerce Store.

Why your business need Google Analytics?

The physical storefront owners have the ability to see and interact with visitors and get the feedback, the owner can also view habits of visitors firsthand and speak with them. Whereas in case of online store the best way to track user’s behavior at your store is by the use of Google Analytics, it gives you complete insight on user behavior and other stats to enable you make better decisions.

Google Analytics setup – step by step:

Google Analytics ecommerce tracking setup is pretty easy to do but knowing the best practices will help you setup the code properly which in many cases fails to happen and hence the data extracted are not the actual once and comes with a lot of errors.

Here is a step by step guide on setting up the Google Analytics eCommerce tracking:

  1. Go to the Google Analytics and start by clicking on Sign In at the top right corner, here is how it looks:
  2. Google-Analytics-SIGN-IN

    Gmail-account-credentials -to-sign-in-to-your-analytics-account

  3. Provide your Gmail account credentials to sign in to your analytics account
  4. Once you are logged in click on Admin tab at the top of the dashboard, as in the picture below:
  5. Admin panel of Google Analytics

  6. Click below account and select Create new account:
  7. Create-new-account

  8. On the next page select website and fill up the details as asked:
  9. page select-website-and-fill-up-the-details

  10. Click on the Get Tracking Code at the bottom of the page:
  11. Get-Tracking-Code

  12. Copy the tracking code generated on the next page, the code will look something like this:
  13. code

  14. In BigCommerce control panel go to Advance Setting and click on Web Analytics to setup the code on your store.
  15. Under Web Analytics click on Google Analytics tab at the top of the page.
  16. In the tracking code field paste, the code copied from Google Analytics as mentioned in step 7
  17. Now Save the changes made, and congrats you have just got your Google Analytics setup done.

Now go and explore the data, make maximum use of the stats gathered from your Google Analytics report. This will help you in understanding the visitor behavior and at the same time will help you in planning your marketing activities around the segmented visitors.

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