‘Facebook’- The most popular name for an internet user has been growing since it’s very inception. According to Statistica, out of 2.46 billion Social Media users, there are 2.19 billion Facebook users. In fact, Facebook users collectively account for more than the population of China.

Now from a business perspective, Facebook is the big market every business, small or big, wants to get hold of for their brand publicity. Facebook is the market that opens with morning coffee and shuts down almost never; besides, the Facebook market itself is always a crowded place. Bigcommerce users have got an opportunity to drive more sale from Facebook. They can install Facebook pixel, synchronize their product catalog and use advanced advertising products!

Since this social media giant has so many active users, business houses are experimenting every now and then to run the most successful campaigns for more engagement and there are so many varied ways of doing it when you have a good amount of dollars to spend. But, if we say that with properly used strategies, we can achieve an equal result or even more without a penny? No, we are not going to say the common facts like “keep posting at regular intervals”, “make your content rich”- you already know these. Here, we will be sharing with you the 5 tips to increase your Facebook Page Engagement.

Let’s dive in.

5 Tips to Increase your Facebook Page Engagement:

1. Correct Timing:

No doubt you can post an advertisement anytime on Facebook. It has users active throughout the day, but how many people in your segment are active when you are posting your ad or running your campaign?

Let’s consider, you are running a campaign from the USA while your client base is from India. Posting ads in the morning from the USA will cause you lesser engagement since it’s night time in India and online/website traffic will be comparatively less.

To overcome this, one time of day needs to be targeted when the maximum client base is using Facebook.

It is recommended to use the ‘Scheduled Posts’ feature of Facebook available under ‘Publishing Tools’ option.


2. Approach:

They say, “Life is too short to be serious”- absolutely right from the marketing point of view. A little humor does no harm. If your content is little brainstormed and blended with the right amount of humor and wit, more are the chances that your post will be shared thereby increasing your online visibility. Humor has a positive effect on the audience and of course, no one hates humor.Integrate-Business-Apps-through-APPSeCONNECT

3. Visuals:

The best thing about Facebook is that it supports the wide use of both visuals and text.

Of course, content is the king of digital marketing but these days no business is making bad content. How to outshine?

The answer comes down to using great visuals. In a situation, where you and three of your competitors publishing the same kind of content, people will be drawn to the one using the best visuals first, and you never know, their search might very well end there.

4. Interactions:

People around the globe are different but what gets them close is Facebook. So why don’t we make efforts to get close to our customers too? Asking questions, giving challenges and things alike that makes people interact with your posts can be of great advantage to reach out to more people.

Interactions, however, must not stop here, prompt tailor-made replies to comments and messages should be taken care of efficiently. This gives customers the feeling that they are special and valuable to the company.

5. Stay up to Date:

Trends in Facebook keeps changing for good every now and then and every Facebook marketer must be aware of what is the most ‘in’ thing in the market. Facebook’s new big feature of posting stories can be used at a great advantage. Putting stories of behind the stage, work in progress, office culture, fun moments, celebrations and customer feature can increase your engagement by far.

Also, funny posts with visuals- commonly called memes are hugely popular among almost all age groups now. Relating a meme with one’s product can help you reach far and wide.

This also includes taking advantage of ongoing scenarios, and posting about these trending topics and on important days can help you reach a lot of people with minimum effort.


All these things clubbed together is sure to fetch you great engagement success, however, doing these isn’t free from obstacles.

1) Mostly it is tough to understand the correct time to post for your audience since the availability of attention is varied and uncertain especially for businesses with a client base from two different regions/countries.

2) Often good humor can overshadow your branding. People often tend to remember the joke/pun but forget about the brand.

3) Having in-house good designer is not very pocket-friendly and above that, there are costs of using professional software.

4) In case people don’t make effort to interact with your interactive posts, the image of the company’s existence comes to question.

Now, you can easily connect your line of Business Applications like ERP, CRM, Ecommerce stores, Marketplaces, Shipping and POS Systems under one single platform and automate your business process!

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