SAP Hana, the newest version launched by SAP is a data management system which is memory and column oriented. SAP HANA is categorically indexed and it is designed to handle both complex query and high transaction rates which is processing in the same platform. The innovation for SAP HANA empowered their customer with choices, speed, promptness, applications, insight, innovation, value, cloud and data. The customers using this platform are now entitled to unlock their imagination along with predictive analyzing of a complex situation.

How SAPA HANA Empowers Customers?

  • You can choose to work with your preferred partner: The customer now have a choice to work with their preferred partner, for example, you can run the hardware of your preference along with the software.
  • A heavy data volume at high speed can be easily managed by you: This is the in-memory technology, all the sync happens in real time. The customer now can analyze the huge quantity of data from any source by building new technological applications.
  • The data processing takes place in real time: From multiple sources you can extract the data in minutes. You can promptly analyze and target your crowd. You do have the option of last minute re-planning and also rationalize heavy sales in your inventory.
  • Easy and simple usage: This will help to minimize or waive off the data aggregation. It is just you have to dig few layers at a lower cost.
  • Profit insights: You can optimize the revenue targets, launch micro-target offer to reach out to your customers easily. In this process, you get the option to maximize your revenue.
  • SAP HANA is most advanced cloud set-up which is fast, that allows real time processing. By scaling your business requirements, it allows you to deploy new applications. The data is entirely secured through the cloud solution.
  • As a customer, SAP HANA provides you with a real-time application with analytics to any business of any size. This is where you can analyze your profit, segment your customers and plan your resources accordingly.

The new SAP HANA is in-memory computing and column oriented properly drafted for relational database management. The data primarily lies in the main memory, enables the data transaction in a tabular format. The column is designed in such a way that it allows the usage of the parallel database. The columns in the table works as an index hence browsing speed is terrific. This platform will ease the daily operations and this is why it is gaining popularity on performance. It gives you the option of saving your data in row and column format. To utilize the HANA thoroughly, you will have to partially rewrite the existing backend ERP.

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