Integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP and Shopify

Shopify did not take time to grow and become one of the biggest eCommerce platform. Atleast 2,20,000 online retailers are using this platform. If you are looking for an eCommerce solution which is easy to use for the novice users and at the same time has a lot of good features, then you should definitely go for it. Some of the most notable customers include General Electric, Amnesty International, Encyclopedia Britannica, Foo Fighters etc.

Shopify was founded in 2006 by Tobias Lütke (CEO), Scott Lake and Daniel Weinand. Shopify is right in the middle, where complete beginners can create products and manage inventories easily. Overall, it’s a beautifully constructed eCommerce platform with plenty of themes that look modern and stylish.

Let’s talk about Microsoft Dynamics GP. In my opinion, Dynamics GP is one of the best ERP systems especially for distributors and manufacturers because of its features and functionalities like:

  • Classic user interface.
  • Workflow of sales operation.
  • Customization in manufacturing processing.
  • Multi-currency handling.
  • Proper inventory management.
  • Efficient support system.
  • Robust reporting and analytics.
  • Robust financial management system.
  • SOX compliance and incorporation of GAAP workflow.

APPSeCONNECT integrates MS Dynamics GP with Shopify and resolves all the data entry problems, making the business process much more efficient. Things like order processing, stock updates etc can be easily managed with this integration. In this way this it saves operational cost and boosts your response time to the consumers thus raising their confidence and your reputation.

integrate shopify store with erp
Let’s see how this connector helps:

  1. Automating order:

E-commerce sales transaction is automatically synchronized with Dynamics GP. One can get real time sales and financial figures. Sales orders are very crucial elements for processing and you need to process it very quickly. Order processing requires validating the order, payment, available stock and selecting the proper shipment method. APPSeCONNECT can sync Shopify orders in real time to Dynamics GP ERP. When the after sales order is shipped/invoiced in Dynamics GP, the shopify status is updated.

  1. Sync items easily:

The connector can sync item information between Shopify and GP. The connector works in both directions and so items created/updated in Shopify will be reflected in Dynamics GP ERP and vice-versa. The customer can place the order immediately once the replenishment is done.

connect shopify and microsoft dynamics gp

  1. Customer Management:

All the guest and registered customer database in Dynamics GP can be managed easily. APPSeCONNECT can quickly sync web customer information, their web account and contact details from Shopify to Dynamics GP customer card. The existing web customer information will be updated in real time to Dynamics GP.
Integrate BigCommerce and ERP

  1. Stock Sync:

Inventory is one of the key entity for transfer from GP to Shopify. Since Inventory is managed through complex purchase/production cycle in GP, so inventory sync works in single direction viz. from GP to Shopify direction. Real time stock deduction can be done after downloading all the orders.

  1. Payment Sync:

The payment information can be synced from Shopify to GP in required sales documents. Often for online payments, invoice gets created in to record the transaction. The payment and finance figures can be reflected in Microsoft Dynamics GP in real time. Check out this video for a better understanding:

Connect your Shopify store and MS Dynamics GP to improve business process!

integrate shopify store with erp

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