“Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to create online stores”, this is the definition of Shopify mentioned in Wikipedia, and I believe this is the most simplest definition for any ecommerce platform which got mentioned in Wikipedia. From its inception Shopify has been termed as “clean, simple and easy to use” by popular tech websites such as CNET.

Shopify Integration with SAP Business One

Shopify revolutionized SAAS based On Demand concept of eCommerce through its popular monthly subscription plans, like Starter, Basic, Professional and Unlimited, with easy steps to launch eCommerce websites of an Individual or an Organization. Now with the announcement of Shut Down of another Popular On Demand eCommerce Platform ‘Magento Go’, Shopify might be the ideal choice of Magento Go customers through easy migration .

APPSeCONNECT Shopify Integration with SAP Business One provides the opportunity specifically for Organizations using Basic, Professional and Unlimited Plans, to streamline their eCommerce Business through their Back Office ERP system such as SAP Business One. This integration allows below features and business benefits.

Customer Sync:

New and Registered Customer Details will sync back from Shopify to SAP Business One for B2C Scenario. And existing Customer Accounts mentioned in SAP Business One Business Partner Master Data can be uploaded to Shopify which creates new Customer Accounts in Shopify, this feature supports B2B Scenario.

Business Benefits:

  1. Supporting CRM Features, capturing eCommerce Customer Details within your ERP system
  2. Allows you to use your existing customer data defined within SAP Business One to be synced to eCommerce and create Customer Accounts automatically, instead of defining these accounts manually one by one in Shopify

Product Sync:

New Products Created in Shopify will be downloaded in Item Master of SAP Business One. Existing products which has definition in both SAP Business One and Shopify will be mapped properly. And SAP Business One Item Masters/Article Master entries can be uploaded to Shopify and can be enlisted within the eCommerce Product Category.

Business Benefits:

  1. Bi Directional Sync of Products helps to eliminate manual data entry and errors for thousands of products
  2. Product Related updates, like seasonal discounts, price changes, etc. can be easily pushed from ERP to Shopify ensuring up to date information in the eCommerce Store

Stock Sync:

Product Stock will be synced from SAP Business One to Shopify, you have option to choose multiple variants of the combination:

1. In Stock-Committed

2. In Stock

3. In Stock- Committed + Ordered

As well as you will have option to choose Warehouse/s quantity to be shown in Shopify eCommerce Store.

Business Benefits:

  1. Real time stock update in the ecommerce store so that consumers do not face ‘Out of Stock’ limitation
  2. Show ideal quantity from selected warehouse in the web as per your business process, avoid complex customizations regarding the Stock Update

Order Sync:

All web orders will be downloaded from Shopify to SAP Business One as Sales Order/Sales Order Draft. Web Order ID, Payment Method and all other Web Order Information will be mentioned in SAP Business One Sales Order. eCommerce Discounts will also be mentioned in the Discount Field of SAP Business One Sales Order. Proper Tax and Shipping Charges will be calculated based on APPSeCONNECT Dynamic Value Mapping feature.

Business Benefits:

  1. Start Quick Order Processing which shortens Order Fulfillment Cycle and ensures Customer Satisfaction
  2. Proper Order total in SAP Business One including the Taxes, Shipping Charges, Discounts. Currency Conversion will happen within APPSeCONNECT if eCommerce Store and SAP Business One uses different currencies.
  3. Validating Orders for manual payment methods such as Cash On Delivery, Check Payment is also possible through Sales Order Draft, which can be converted as a Sales Order once validation is completed

Payment Information Sync:

Sync of Online Payment Information as Incoming Payment within SAP Business One along with the Sales Order.

Business Benefits:

  1. Back Office Employees can check whether the payment is successful or not and then can start Order Processing
  2. Incoming Payment in SAP Business One ensures proper accounting entry against Online Payment within the ERP

Delivery Sync:

SAP Business One Delivery can be uploaded to Shopify along with the Shipment Tracking Number entered manually or generated through some Payment Processing Add-On in SAP Business One.

Business Benefits:

  1. Real time order processing and shipping updates to Consumers when ERP Delivery Document is uploaded to Shopify
  2. Order Tracking Information for the consumers in their fingertips
  3. Streamlining and Completing the Order Processing Cycle both in eCommerce and ERP system

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