Integration-blocker-limitation-of-wholesale-pricing-discount-for-shopifyIn today’s competitive business landscape, seamless integration between different enterprise applications and platforms is crucial for businesses to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. For Shopify merchants looking to sync their online stores with ERP, integration plugins play a vital role in ensuring smooth data transfer and synchronization for B2B features. However, APPseCONNECT recently came across an integration blocker due to a major limitation of wholesale pricing discount in Shopify.

Read on to know more about the integration limitation and how businesses can achieve better synchronization and automation between Shopify B2B and ERP systems.

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Integration Challenge: The Absence of a POST API

APPSeCONNECT frequently receives integration requests from businesses seeking to sync B2B features between their Shopify stores and SAP or other ERP systems. Recognizing the growing importance of B2B operations, businesses are keen to streamline processes, such as offering custom pricing, managing complex shipping rates, providing net payment terms, and catering to the unique needs of their wholesale customers.

During the integration process between Shopify and SAP, a specific challenge arose when utilizing the Wholesale Pricing Discount plugin. The blocker we encountered was the absence of a POST operation in the WPD plugin’s API. This means that it’s not possible to post data from other apps, such as APPSeCONNECT, to the WPD plugin using its API.

To overcome this integration limitation of wholesale pricing discount in Shopify, businesses should consult with integration experts to explore alternative solutions or custom development options that address their specific needs. By leveraging their expertise, it’s possible to achieve seamless integration between Shopify and SAP, enabling businesses to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

Integrate Shopify B2B and SAP with APPSeCONNECT

Managing wholesale discounts in Shopify is a key requirement nowadays. Our research led us to the limitation of the Wholesale Pricing Discount plugin which is designed to offer specific wholesale prices to wholesale customers. While it boasts various features to enhance the B2B experience, it’s important to be aware of the lack of POST API that may pose challenges for integration.

With APPSeCONNECT, businesses can seamlessly integrate Shopify and SAP, or other ERP systems, to synchronize B2B features. This includes establishing tiered pricing, applying flexible discounts, configuring custom wholesale signup forms, and managing specialized shipping rates for wholesale customers. By integrating these essential B2B functionalities, businesses can transform their Shopify stores into comprehensive B2B wholesale platforms.


When considering integration options for syncing Shopify and SAP, it’s crucial to be aware of potential limitations that might hinder the seamless data flow between platforms. The Wholesale Pricing Discount (WPD) plugin, although offering valuable features for B2B wholesale stores, presents a blocker due to the absence of a POST API. This limitation of wholesale pricing discount in Shopify restricts the ability to post data from other applications to the WPD plugin.

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