The Ecommerce market gives ample opportunities to generate high sales and establish the brand but these does lies on certain very important practices. You just need to use the right tools and ideas at the right time.

According to analytics, a popular search in the search engines is “Christmas gifting ideas”. The holiday season is very important as it can give a high spike in ecommerce sales, with Christmas day, the Boxing Day and the New Year’s Eve coming up. This time is very profitable for ecommerce merchants as customers don’t mind spending some extra bucks.

So, make sure you have your eCommerce store ready for the final days of holiday sales with these tips:

Event Wise planning:

The Ecommerce merchants might have a limitation with regards to different aspects. So they need to plan ahead which all the occasions to give in more focus. The merchants needs to plan the consumer types for events. The consumer might be a direct consumer or a channel.

The marketing campaigns need to be more specific to target a potential segment of clients. The more scattered it will be the more costly and time consuming it will be.

The various means of communication like blogs, Facebook, Email campaign should be well mapped as per market requirements and

Working out with policies:

The return policies and payment options which are other key angles for Ecommerce success can be modified during with respect to market conditions and the merchant’s convenience.

Let’s say for example a merchant might opt for giving an additional payment option like bitcoin in addition to existing payment options which might boost p the sales. The return policies for instance can be made very consumer friendly.

Website Optimization:

The online store might be bumped with a high amount of traffic during the festive sales. This should not however slow down the system. The system and the platforms should thoroughly tested. The load testing and performance testing is of very importance during high traffic hours.
Simple and neat navigation, proper product placement and cross platform (mobile, laptop, desktop) accessibility. Builds the foundation of the dynamic Ecommerce portal.

The concept of bundled products can be very well utilized in these scenarios which opens up various options of cross sales and up sales.integrate-business-apps-through-appseconnect

Delivery updates:

The consumers are always worried about their order delivery and even more during the occasions and festive seasons. The delivery updates gives the consumer a confidence and a sense of consumer friendly process.

The planned delivery also opens up a host of other sales opportunities. The flexible delivery options creates an environment for additional orders and better consumer response.

Service and Support:

The support is one of the vital activity for both client and seller. This is a communication medium which can promote or demote any brand. The customer experience and returning of clients depends very high on good support.

There can be a good as well as a bad delivery such as delayed delivery, misplacing of orders, wrong address and so on. All these experience puts wrong image in the mind of consumer. But the damage can be lessened with a dedicated client service and support.

Followup & Feedback:

The pre sales and post sales activates needs to be initiated and executed very intensively. The follow up of the previous clients (like the ones who made a purchase in the last Christmas) and re-connecting with them offering an additional discounts and other attractive options builds a bond of loyalty.

The feedback is equally important in imposing an image in the minds of the consumers and also reveals the flaws and defects in the system. The gift cards and loyalty points are necessary add ons for an online store.

Inventory Planning:

The last but not the least. All the planning and exercise will go in vain if proper inventory is not managed. The stocks should be updated and physically verified.

The ordered and the committed stock should be very carefully tracked. The updated stock reports should be assessed and analyzed for smooth order processing. The inventory planning is of no use without real time information. The syncing of data from the Web portal to the backend ERP must be accurate and in real time.

If you want to dig deep into the holiday season ecommerce facts and stats, click on the image below to check out our infographic on Holiday Shopping:

the biggest ecommerce shopping holiday days

Now, you can easily integrate your business applications viz. ERP, CRM, Ecommerce Stores, Marketplaces, Shipping and POS Systems under one platform and automate the business process!integrate-business-apps-through-appseconnect

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