Major Seller Updates on eBay

Major Seller Updates on eBay


With over 100 million buyers, eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

Here are the Major Seller Updates on eBay:

View item Description for better mobile viewing:

  1. with this new mobile compatible feature, one can easily understand about the product. eBay infers a brief, 250-character, content that is just a summary from your full product depiction. This gives important listing data that permits customers to make quick choices.
  2. For the summarized description, we figure out which content in your full item depiction is most relevant by distinguishing the keyword that customers use to scan for your items.
  3. Since the new View Item depiction is automatically created by eBay, no seller interference is required. But if you need to highlight data that isn’t caught in our auto-created contents, you can pick the particular listing data you need to show using more propelled HTML choices.

 Customer Benefits around this feature:

  • Customers are more habituated of viewing eBay listings on mobile devices.
  • The new View Item Description summary will drive the customer towards purchase by providing easy to mobile friendly experience so that they can make better choices.
  • In the coming years, eBay will create the active content as much required resulting to Faster load times and Optimization for mobile devices.

item desc

  1. New fee updates for eBay Store subscribers:
  2. eBay has introduced a new pricing structure for Anchor Store subscribers. If you possess an Anchor Store on an annual subscription, you will pay an additional $360 per quarter, and the value of the benefits that you will receive, excluding the value of new, dedicated customer service, is worth up to $1,495 per quarter.
  3. eBay has introduced a new pricing structure to Premium and Basic Store subscribers. If you are a Basic Store subscriber on an annual subscription, you will pay an additional $12 per quarter, and the value of the benefits that you receive will be worth up to $165 per quarter.

If you are a Premium Store subscriber on an annual subscription, you will pay an additional $30 per quarter, and the value of the benefits that you receive will be worth up to $380 per quarter.

  1. In coming future, eBay is going to own affordable eBay-branded shipping supplies on eBay with quick handling time and free shipping. Premium-quality boxes, envelopes and tape are accessible at exceptionally focused costs, furnishing you for all your packaging needs.

Customer Benefits around this feature:

  • Customer service agents will be provided with Dedicated toll-free phone number and email access.
  • One-stop shop for quick support for many account-related topics (e.g., seller standards)
  • Advance notification on potential violations.
  • Training and Webinar on eBay’s new features implementation.


  1. Product Review:

eBay has improved the product review so that customers can easily read and comment about the product. Simple and clear designs with distinguishable ratings. Simple follow-up emails to buyers requesting product reviews.

The improved features include:

  1. Item condition of the item reviewed.
  2. Item purchased on eBay.
  3. Sold by seller name when available and applicable.
  4. Reporting capability for inappropriate content.

 Product reviews drive purchaser trust and certainty by giving important data they require. Supplying this data at the purpose of procurement means customers will probably change over to   purchasers when seeing your items. Research indicates they keep purchasers on the site, bringing about a normal 18% increase in sales.

  Customer Benefits around this feature:

  • They give purchasers more profound understanding by giving different purchasers of the item a chance to do the talking.
  • They give a clear description on the product.
  • They keep the buyers engaged on the site, thus increasing the sale.

product review

These updates of eBay would be a mutual benefit for both sellers and customers to lift the sale up to a large extent. There persist is an overall seller and buyer protection.

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