Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool that has helped millions of businesses to connect with their customers better and serve them in a professional manner. Salesforce offers various strategies and tools to manage customer relationship, generate leads, and gain insight through analytics. However, using add-ons by third-party developers can put your Salesforce application on fire, almost like giving it a steroid shot in the arm. There are tons of add-ons available, and it might prove to be confusing for most Salesforce users to choose the right one.  In this article, we have made a list of 9 popular add-ons that you should definitely be using with your Salesforce tool.

1. Adobe EchoSign

Running a business isn’t all about managing your customers. You will also need to edit documents, sign them, and engage in cross-platform file exchange. A good add-on for your Salesforce is Adobe EchoSign, which lets you edit, track, and do other things with documents that are important too. It also helps that PDF documents are easily managed by Adobe EchoSign, making it easier for you to create and edit PDF documents. The combination of a document editor and a CRM like Salesforce should be enough for you to run even the most demanding start-up.

2. Box

If you were looking for a tool to manage all your files, bring in some collaboration functionalities, and easily share files, Box for Salesforce is what you need. The app makes managing all kinds of files very easy, and you can quickly organize, manage and share important files with colleagues (or anyone else for that matter). With a number of additional features and an easy integration method, Box for Salesforce is one of the most popular add-ons that companies use today. Of what good is a CRM if you are not able to share or edit customer-related files through it?

3. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing and email management tools around. Almost 15 million people use this app on various platforms across the world. MailChimp for Salesforce is uniquely designed to help you turbocharge your email marketing campaigns, and track them easily. You can easily access campaign reports and make modifications based on your needs. Similarly, you can handle customer queries, manage subscribers, and do a whole lot more with this extremely popular email management tool. This app is available for download on AppExchange and is being promoted as a DIY email marketing tool. Here is how you can Connect Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Outlook!

4. Docusign

A deal is never closed without an electronic signature these days. Whether you need to sign campaign related documents or close a deal with certain kinds of clients, an electronic signature solution is very important. DocuSign Electronic Signatures is one of the most popular tools around and is used by Salesforce users to sign documents easily. The tool is available on AppExchange, and can easily be downloaded and installed.



If you were looking for a solution to manage your data on Salesforce, look no further than This cloud solution helps you to import, export and delete all kinds of data when you are using Salesforce. It can be easily integrated into your CRM and can prove to be a boon when it comes to managing consumer data. Most companies find it difficult to manage data on their CRM. While most CRM tools have inbuilt data management features, a third-party add-on gives an edge. can be downloaded from AppExchange.

6. MapAnything

Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of location in marketing. It is very crucial to know where the market is located, and where you need to move your business to. MapAnything brings location-based information to your Salesforce, and you can easily map, add routes, and manage territories right from your Salesforce. In fact, MapAnything lets you do all things related to maps on your Salesforce, and there is probably nothing more important than this for most businesses. To know where your business needs to be, and to learn more about where your market is located, start using MapAnything.

7. Data. com

You might think your CRM is gathering all the consumer data you need to have. It probably is doing a great job too, but have you ever stopped and wondered about the health of your customer data? is an assessment app which helps you to assess the quality of your consumer data. You will be able to check if your data is complete and if your lead records and consumer contact data are complete and updated. Using this tool helps you to keep your consumer data healthy and updated.

8. Rollup Helper

If you were wondering how you could easily roll up data and gain insights, all you need to do is download Rollup Helper on AppExchange, and start rolling up. You can count, calculate, look for patterns, and do a lot more with the data that you have on Salesforce. There is also a premium edition available as a standalone app, which comes with more features. Rollup Helper is one of the most useful apps for businesses that constantly need to handle data on Salesforce.

9. Conga Composer

If you are growing tired of risking data while creating documents, or if you have been creating too many duplicates in Salesforce, you probably need to download and install Conga Composer. It can be implemented in less than an hour and lets you create documents the way you choose to. You can easily create proposals, quotes, raise invoices, and come up with contract documents. A tool like this helps you to communicate with your consumers in a more focused and professional manner.


If you are using an ERP to manage your back-end processes, you will want to integrate it with your CRM as well. This will help you to avoid duplicate copies, and ensure that all your data is synchronized simultaneously on both your CRM and ERP. APPSeCONNECT is a smart integration platform that lets you integrate your ERP with Salesforce, making it easier for you to keep all your data synchronized.

Salesforce add-ons help you manage your business better.

While we all know that CRM is an important tool to manage and nurture our customers, we need to remember that every CRM has its deficits. Moreover, it is not possible to include all the features you could dream of in a CRM. Using add-ons help in creating a CRM that is completely customized for your needs. Salesforce add-ons have helped businesses to use features that they would never have imagined.

Now, you can easily integrate Salesforce CRM with the back-end ERP and automate your business process!


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