Salesforce is back with its most awaited annual event, Salesforce Connections 2022, held physically over 2 days in Chicago, USA, from 8th to 9th June 2022. The spirit of the event is seeded in its enthusiasm to provide actionable insights and steps into how attending teams can upskill themselves, deliver powerful and new customer experiences and learn the ways to access the full capabilities of Salesforce Customer 360. The event brought together changemakers, big thinkers, and renowned industry leaders to share their stories, ideas, and innovations. It has been an excellent opportunity for attendees to get inspired, learn new skills, and build relationships with industry peers, communities, product experts, and more.

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Highlights – Salesforce Connections 2022

The event kicked off with a powerful keynote delivered by Sarah Joyce Franklin, President & CMO, Salesforce. Almost 4.8 million people tuned in to hear about Salesforce’s roadmap led by their core values, trust, customer experience, equality, and sustainability.

The event spread over two days brought forward enriching sessions that were tailor-made on the latest industry topics that would benefit the attendees, like how Slack is changing the way we work by bringing together the people, partners, and tools they need into one place, and tips for marketers to get started with Slack.

Moreover, Salesforce consolidated experiences of 150k+ customers to curate steps that would help achieve long-term success in Business Transformation. Discussions on the success of headless commerce were conducted and the steps every headless implementation should follow to unlock control over the UX layer, operational agility, and improve performance. One of the most alarming subjects of recent times was addressed, that is the issue of resignation and how human-centric customer service where the sales reps take center stage during customer communication can help reduce it. They shared research-based principles for using automation and measurement to combat the Great Resignation of service workers by centering on agent opportunities, mastery, and purpose.


Further, innovative topics such as automation of customer experience, codeless commerce, automation of lead cycle, B2B growth strategies, brand storytelling, building a multi-cloud ecosystem, and power of personalization were enumerated. Stories and experiences were shared elaborating on how businesses can gain in-depth insights into each individual and apply AI to deliver personalized, and cross-channel experiences.

Upcoming industry trends were highlighted, such as how D2C companies are booming and how prominent brands navigate distribution partnerships, collect first-party data, and create digital experiences that increase brand loyalty. Insights on quickly converting a new lead into to closed deal were shared, and how Salesforce Trailblazers are empowering their sales teams with a single source of truth for customer data to create better customer experiences and build lasting relationships.

Keeping the serious talk aside, Connections 2022 awed its attendees with their presentation. The décor of the event was jovial and eye-catching, and it helped attendees have their spirits high and enjoy doing what they love. The atmosphere has been super fun and colorful with the mascots being an absolute delight to watch and click pictures with.

Brandy the fox, friend, and field guide has made her IRL debut at Salesforce Connections 2022 and was focused on skilling up. She reminded everyone of the valuable lesson of working smarter, not harder.

Hands down Salesforce Connections 2022 networking session has officially been the coolest with the champagne dress, face painting, tarot card reading, and dragons.

After a mind-blowing day of skill-building and networking, just when we thought it could not get any better, there appeared a musical guest, the Grammy-nominated band One Republic, right on Lake Michigan.

The most coveted annual event by Salesforce, Connections 2022 went by in the blink of an eye but gave us actionable insights from industry leaders and innovators, in-depth knowledge, innovations, and learning. Team APPSeCONNECT is eagerly waiting to attend the upcoming events!

Till then, stay safe, stay connected

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